What’s New Edition 5

Vol. 1 , No. 5, April 2018

This is a bi-weekly newsletter to inform the student body about Senate activities. You will find information about Senate events, resolutions, commentary, etc. If you would like to see something changed or added to future issues of the newsletter, please email Jessica Korbel!



SR 17-30 – Amendment to the Constitution Passed

SR 17-31 – Confirmation of 2018 Senators Passed

SR 17-32 – Spring 2018 Allocation Passed

SR 17-33 – Confirmation of Class of 2019 Senator Passed

SR 17-34 – Allocation Recommendation Passed


Upcoming Presidential Elections   

Student Senate’s presidential elections are approaching quickly. Sergio Pena and Abbie Trunfio recently announced their campaign to run for Student Senate President and Vice-President respectively. Voting will take place online on April 11th from 7am to 7pm at illinoiscollegestudentsenate.wordpress.com. So make sure you vote for Student Senate’s next President and Vice-President.


Lobby Your Senate

Student Senate wishes to remind all students that during every Full Senate Meeting a portion of time is set aside for Lobby Your Senate. Lobby Your Senate is at the beginning of every meeting and is a time for non-Senators to voice their opinions, concerns, or anything else. The next Full Senate Meeting will take place in Tanner on Wednesday, April 28th at 8:25pm. All Illinois College students are encouraged to attend and have their voices heard.


Printing Policy

Senate Senate now has a new printing policy. An amendment to the Constitution was approved that stated, “The Council shall vote and approve to print any material that is submitted by a student or group of students, which is not affiliated with a student organization, as it sees appropriate for the betterment of Illinois College campus. This is not a Senate endorsement,  only a way for individual students to communicate with Illinois College students campus-wide. A second vote may be requested to the Full Student Senate to endorse what has been printed at a later time. Leadership Council may endorse the proposed printing material as its own entity. However, a Full Senate endorsement would not occur unless the material is put forward at a Full Senate meeting.”


Ad-Hoc Committees (Committees formed on an as-needed basis)

Constitution Committee

  • The committee reviews and makes revisions to the constitution as needed. This ensures the constitution’s longevity in an ever-changing world.
  • The committee initially approved the printing policy before it was approved by the Full Senate.


Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee

  • The committee was created to investigate and expose diversity issues on the Illinois College campus.
  • The committee is currently working on designing a Resource Center that will be located in the Diversity and Inclusion Center.


Student-Faculty Interest Committee

  • The committee was created to further the efforts of shared governance, with an emphasis on Student-Faculty agency and inclusion.

Know Your Senators

Senator Marineth Sierra                                                                                           Class of 2018

Marineth Sierra is majoring in communication and rhetorical studies and minoring in political science and sociology with a concentration in criminology. She currently serves on Student Senate as the Class of 2018 Chair and Public Relations Chair. Marineth’s dream job would be working as a Good Morning America News Anchor. In her freetime, she enjoys diving into beach waves, doing photography, and dog sitting. Marineth is also really scared of heights and extremely lactose intolerant. However, she doesn’t let her intolerance stop her from eating pizza until her stomach hurts.