What’s New Edition 4

Vol. 1 , No. 4, Feb. 2018

This is a bi-weekly newsletter to inform the student body about Senate activities. You will find information about Senate events, resolutions, commentary, etc. If you would like to see something changed or added to future issues of the newsletter, please email Jessica Korbel!



SR 17-21 – Amendment to the Constitution Passed

SR 17-22 – Spring 2018 Organization Allocation Funds Passed

SR 17-23 – Conference Funding Passed

SR 17-24 – Confirmation of Class of 2020 Senators Passed

SR 17-25 – Confirmation of Class of 2019 Senators Passed

SR 17-26 – Confirmation of 2021 Senators Passed

SR 17-27 – Endorsement of a Letter by the Illinois College Chapter

of the American Association of University Professors Passed

SR 17-28 – Funding for the Chicago Advertising Federation Career

Day Conference Passed

SR 17-29 – Spring 2018 Student Organization Allocation Recommendation Passed

SR 17-30 – Amendment to the Constitution Pending


Senate Endorsement of AAUP Letter    

During the last Full Senate meeting on Wednesday, February 7th, the Senate endorsed the faculty’s AAUP letter to the Board of Trustees. This letter was written by the faculty’s version of a union and endorse by their Faculty Senate. However, the AAUP has not received a response from administration regarding their letter. The letter lists grievances including majors being put on hiatus, the way finances are being handled on campus, and the cuts to faculty’s retirement benefits. After Student Senate endorsed the AAUP’s letter, Senate was contacted by President Farley and Provost O’Connell in regards to attending a meeting to discuss the endorsement. Student Senate has high hopes that this will foster better communication methods between faculty, students, and administration.  

Lobby Your Senate

The Student Senate wishes to remind all students that during every Full Senate Meeting a portion of time is set aside for Lobby Your Senate. Lobby Your Senate is at the beginning of every meeting and is a time for non-Senators to voice their opinions, concerns, or anything else. The next Full Senate Meeting will take place in Tanner on Wednesday, February 21st at 8:25pm. All Illinois College students are encouraged to attend and have their voices heard.


Ad-Hoc Committees (Committees formed on an as-needed basis)

Constitution Committee

  • The committee reviews and makes revisions to the constitution as needed. This ensures the constitution’s longevity in an ever-changing world.
  • Approved a recent amendment to the Constitution that dissolved the Special Events committee of the Senate and had its responsibilities shifted to the Finance and Public Relations committees. Another amendment to the Constitution regarding a Senate printing policy is now on the table.


Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee

  • The committee was created to investigate and expose diversity issues on the Illinois College campus.
  • The committee is currently working on a pamphlet that will raise awareness about the human rights violations happening in Palestine.

Know Your Senators

Vice-President Sergio Pena                                                                                       Class of 2021

“I am the Vice-President of Student Senate, and before that, I was the Finance Committee Chair and the Class Chair of 2021. I plan on majoring in Communication & Rhetorical Studies and minoring in History. I also plan on going to graduate school after IC, so I can, hopefully, become a professor later on. I enjoy judging debate tournaments for the St. Louis Urban Debate League, and I play violin. Though I am heavily involved in Student Senate, I am a member of SAB and Parker After Dark. My interests include reading random political articles, napping, and listening to the same song on repeat for days on end. Got questions? Email me at pena.sergio@ic.edu.”