What’s New Edition 3

Vol.1 , No. 3, Nov. 2017

This is a bi-weekly newsletter to inform the student body about Senate activities. You will find information about Senate events, resolutions, commentary, etc. If you would like to see something changed or added to future issues of the newsletter, please email Jessica Korbel or Kaleigh DeNardo!



SR 17-18 – Resolution to Amend the Student Senate Constitution Passed

SR 17-19 – Confirmation of Class of 2021 Senator Passed


Meeting with President Farley   

After receiving the Letter of Grievances that Student Senate endorsed and hearing about the posters that were put up around campus anonymously on Preview Day, President Farley called a mandatory Full Senate meeting on Sunday, November 12. At this meeting, she inquired about how Student Senate had received the Letter of Grievances and, upon finding out that the letter was anonymously sent, proceeded to ridicule the members of the Senate for endorsing something without knowing who the sender was or checking first to see if the information in the letter was accurate. President Farley then went on to refute parts of the Letter of Grievances, ignoring others that could be assumed she did not want to address or just had no answer for, and denied the requests at the end of the letter that proposed ways to fix the problems that were stated. After addressing the Letter of Grievances, President Farley spoke about the posters that were put up during Preview Day, seemingly attempting to guilt the members of Student Senate into going against whichever student or students put up said posters.


Update on Voting

Liaison Condon discussed the new voting system that was brought up at the last Full Senate meeting. He sent out an email to all Senators asking them to download an app called “Band”. This app is currently being tested to see if it would be suitable to use in Senate voting. Liaison Condon is working with Senator Hampton to make the app work as efficiently as possible.
President’s Resignation  

At the last Full Senate Meeting on Wednesday, November 15, Student Senate President Austin Phillips formally resigned from his position. Former President Phillips will be travelling to Germany for the spring semester and wishes to resign now to give the Senate time to adjust to the change before he is actually off-campus. His Vice-President, James Hills, is now the acting Student Senate President for the remainder of the 2017-18 year.


Ad-Hoc Committees (Committees formed on an as-needed basis)

Constitution Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Liaison Condon, Senator Herdman, Senator Hurst, Senator Pena, Senator Motley, and Senator Shereda.
  • The committee reviews and makes revisions to the constitution as needed. This ensures the constitution’s longevity in an ever-changing world.
  • The committee is looking into working with the Finance Committee to amend the finance bylaws.


Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Senator Motley, Senator Korbel, Senator Milhouse, Senator O’hara, Senator Pena, and Secretary Phillips.
  • The committee was created to investigate and expose diversity issues on the Illinois College campus.

Know Your Senators

Senator Kaleigh DeNardo                                                                                         Class of 2021

“I am a newly elected Senator for the First-year class and plan on majoring in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in German studies. I plan on becoming a gynecologist with a focus on spreading awareness about sexual health and identity. I’m a pharmacy technician at the Walgreens ™ and also work for the yearbook. I recently finished being a stagehand for Illinois College’s production of Middletown, am a member of Parker After Dark, and am a Student Faculty Liaison for the Convocation Committee. My interests include long walks on the beach, my cat, and playing my recorder at stop lights. Feel free to send me memes at denardo.kaleigh@ic.edu