What’s New Edition 2

Vol.1 , No. 2, Nov. 2017

This is a bi-weekly newsletter to inform the student body about Senate activities. You will find information about Senate events, resolutions, commentary, etc. If you would like to see something changed or added to future issues of the newsletter, please email Jessica Korbel!



SR 17-16 – Fall 2017 Student Allocation Recommendation Passed

SR 17-17 – Letter of Grievance Resolution Passed

SR 17-18 – Resolution to Amend the Student Senate Constitution Pending


Letter of Grievance  

The Student Senate had a long discussion on November 1st, during the Full Senate Meeting, about a Letter of Grievance that was received. The letter lists grievances put forth by the members of the Student Caucus for a Better Campus, including the suspension of four academic majors, the “rearrangement” of the Student Activity Fund, the establishment of an Esports team, building renovations, resident hall trash disposal, and more. The Letter of Grievance then goes on to list recommendations that the Student Caucus for a Better Campus has for the administration. These recommendations include, but are not limited to, three student body members being present at the Board of Trustee meetings, three student body members being involved in any major decisions that affect student life, and funds from the Student Organization Budget being transparent and available to students. This Letter of Grievance has been endorsed by the Student Senate and sent to President Farley.



The Student Senate discussed a new system of voting for the Senate. Currently the Senate votes through a verbal “yes” and “no” system. However, the Senior class votes first, then the Juniors, then the Sophomores, and finally the First-years. This makes voting hierarchical. President Phillips and Liaison Condon discussed an online voting system. This will be brought back up at a later date.

Lobby Your Senate

The Student Senate wishes to remind all students that during every Full Senate Meeting a portion of time is set aside for Lobby Your Senate. Lobby Your Senate is at the beginning of every meeting and is a time for non-Senators to voice their opinions, concerns, or anything else. The next Full Senate Meeting will take place in Tanner on Wednesday, November 15th at 8:15pm. All Illinois College students are encouraged to attend and have their voice heard.


Ad-Hoc Committees (Committees formed on an as-needed basis)

Constitution Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Liaison Condon, Senator Herdman, Senator Hurst, Senator Pena, Senator Motley, and Senator Shereda.
  • The committee reviews and makes revisions to the constitution as needed. This ensures the constitution’s longevity in an ever-changing world.
  • The committee is looking at an amendment to make Student-Faculty Liaison a Leadership position.


Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Senator Motley, Senator Korbel, Senator Milhouse, Senator O’hara, Senator Pena, and Secretary Phillips.
  • The committee was created to investigate and expose diversity issues on the Illinois College campus.
  • The committee is currently looking at Title IX here at IC. A Clergy Report was looked at to see how many sexual assaults were handled on campus and how the school dealt with the situations.

Know Your Senators

Senator Jessica Korbel                                                                                               Class of 2021

“I am currently a first-year and majoring in English with a concentration in Writing. I am also a Theatre and Sociology minor. I just finished Assistant Stage Managing Middletown and acted in The Hidden Project at the beginning of the semester. I am also a contributing writer for The Rambler, the vice-president of the Pre-Law Club, a current actress in the one-act The Disruptive, Discursive Delusions of Donald, and a provisional member of LSD, one of the improv groups on campus. I am also a 2021 Senator. I am a part of the Public Relations committee and the co-Executive Editor for the Student Senate. I enjoy reading fantasy novels in my free time and, also, love to write poetry and bits of novels whenever I get the chance. ”

Feel free to contact me at korbel.jessica@ic.edu.