What’s New Edition 1

Vol.1 , No. 1, Oct. 2017

This is a bi-weekly newsletter to inform the student body about Senate activities. You will find information about Senate events, resolutions, commentary, etc. If you would like to see something changed or added to future issues of the newsletter, please email Andre Hester or Jessica Korbel!



SR 17-5 – Amendment to the Constitution Regarding Eligibility Requirements for Executive Board Positions Passed

SR 17-6 – Amendment to the Finance By-laws Passed

SR 17-7 – Fall 2017 Student Organization Allocation Recommendations Passed

SR 17-8 – Confirmation of Funding of Illinois College Movies Program Passed

SR 17-10 – Allocation of Funds to Readership Program Denied

SR 17-12 – Fall 2017 Student Organization Allocation Recommendation Passed

SR 17-13 – Gavel Purchase Passed


Executive Orders  

EO-014 – Executive Editor position created



Starting this year, Student Senate is experiencing a budget cut. The Illinois College administration has cut the funding by half. Illinois College students each pay a $250 student activity fee as part of their tuition each year. This originally went to Senate Senate in its entirety to be allocated to the student organizations on campus. Now the budget has been “re-arranged”, so Student Senate is only receiving $125 of the student activity fee to be allocated. Provost O’Connell has not released what the other half of the student activity fee will be funding. Furthermore, Student Senate has also been given only half of what was previously in student organization’s bank accounts after they were zeroed out by Provost O’Connell. The designation of that funding has also not been disclosed.


Senate Confirmations  

The Student Senate confirmed eleven new Senators. The five newly elected Class of 2021 Senators, David Dellit, Andre Hester, Jessica Korbel, Lucas Motley, and Sergio Pena, were sworn in. Student Senate also confirmed a Class of 2021 Senator, Sabrina Shivani, a Class of 2020 Senator, Aya Aladdin, three Class of 2019 Senators, Ashley Brooks, Cedric Millhouse, and Michael Sherada, and a Class of 2018 Senator, Brandon Young.


Ad-Hoc Committees (Committees formed on an as-needed basis)

Constitution Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Senator Condon, Senator Herdman, Senator Hester, Senator Hurst, Senator Pena, Senator Motley, and Senator Shereda.
  • The committee reviews and makes revisions to the constitution as needed. This ensures the constitution’s longevity in an ever-changing world.
  • A Sergeant-At-Arms amendment was proposed. Its aim was to “establish a position to keep order during Senate meetings”. The amendment was denied and sent back to its author for revision.   


Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee

  • Consists of: President Phillips, Senator Appiah-Kubi, Senator Hester, Senator Motley, Senator Korbel, Senator Milhouse, Senator O’hara, Senator Pena, and Secretary Phillips.
  • The committee was created to promote and include diversity at Illinois College.

Know Your Senators


Senator Andre Hester Class of 2021

“I am a Public Relations committee member on the Student Senate and co-editor of this Newsletter. I am also Vice-Chair of Class of 2021 and a member of the Constitutional Committee. I am excited to help in these committees and serve the IC student body. Other than Student Senate, I am apart of other organizations such as Black Student Union (BSU), a hopeful for Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Fraternity, and, finally, Investment Club. I am a freshman, and I am very excited about the upcoming year ahead. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know my peers. If there’s ever anything, don’t be afraid to come up to me and tell me your problem, and I’ll try my hardest to get it resolved.”

Contact me at hester.andre@ic.edu