Public Relations

Public Relations Committee Chairperson: Jared Haynes ’21

Works to improve relations and dialogue between the student body and the Senate, educates the student body about Senate activities through advertising, promoting and other means. Holds elections on the dates and times set by the executive board, handles faculty and staff-person nominations and updates Connect2 and other social media pages and resources.



Caroline Woodward ’22

Megan Hettenhausen ’22

Cori Monroe ’21

Brooke Walker ’21

Sadie Saylor ’20

Currently the Public Relations Committee has many ways for students to stay informed about activities happening within the Student Senate. Some of the avenues which allow Student to stay informed are:

What’s New? Student Senate Newsletter

  • What’s New? is a brand new committee-edited paper that is distributed every other week following every full-senate meeting. Each issue contains summaries about the full-senate meetings, as well as resolutions passed and promotions of upcoming events for Student Senate.

Student Senate Website

Digital Displays

Caine Hallway Senate Board

Social Media

Campus Announcements