Leadership Council

The Student Senate Leadership Council is comprised of the executive board officers (student body president, student body vice president, treasurer, and secretary), committee chairs, and student-faculty committee liaison. Each member officer is expected to complete 3 weekly office hours in Caine 202. Please find below a brief description of each officer’s position, office hours, and name. You can contact the Council at senate.leadership@ic.edu

Student Body President: Sergio Pena ’21

The President is responsible for presiding over Full Senate and Leadership Council meetings, representing the student body to the community and administration, and serves as chief executive officer of Student Senate. You can contact him at pena.sergio@ic.edu

Student Body Vice President: Carmyn Saxer ’20

The Vice President is responsible for coordinating the standing committees’ activities, developing service opportunities for Student Senate to engage in, and serving as chief conduct officer and parliamentarian of Student Senate. You can contact her at saxer.carmyn@ic.edu

Student Senate Treasurer: Kaleigh DeNardo ’21 

The Treasurer is responsible for recording, and reviewing the expending of the Student Activity Fund across all student organizations and other initiatives, and ensuring that all student organizations abide by the Student Senate Finance Bylaws. You can contact her at denardo.kaleigh@ic.edu

Student Senate Secretary: Jillian Batty ’20

The Secretary supplies detailed minutes of the proceedings of Senate meetings, maintains an accurate file of all Senate activities, and prepares and supplies copies of the Senate meeting materials.

Student Senate College and External Affairs Chair: Alyssa Olagbegi ’21 

The CEA Chair is responsible for ensuring that student success is at the forefront of every decision made at the College by presenting student perspective to various student-serving offices on campus.

Student Senate Public Relations Chair: Jared Haynes ’21

The PR Chair is responsible for communicating with the campus community regarding any changes on campus, and developing creative ways of connecting Student Senate with the campus community through various events and initiatives.

Interim Student-Faculty Committee Liaison: Alyssa Olagbegi ’21

The Student-Faculty Committee Liaison is responsible for appointing students to the various institutional committees on campus, and ensuring that their participation on these committees contributes to student success.