The following is a list of Student Senate standing committees and their functions:

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Chairperson: Treasurer Joshua Condon ’19

The Student Senate Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the allocation of half the Student Activity Fund (SAF). Each full time student pay a student activity fee of $125/semester, and is pooled together so that Senate can allocate half of it and the institution allocates the other half to its various student-serving offices.

The Finance Committee’s members are responsible for approving allocation requests from student organizations, and it can allocate student activity dollars toward any initiative Student Senate would like to fund. In the past, Student Senate has funded initiatives such as all-gender bathrooms, digital displays, and water fountains.

The Finance Committee is also responsible for maintaining any business relations Senate has so that Student Senate is able to conduct business transactions through the Finance Committee. Student Senate Committee Chairs and Class Chairs must work with the Finance Committee in order to have funding for any events they would like to have. The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer, who has the authority to approve any transfers made through the Office of Accounting Services.

Public Relations Committee 

Public Relations Committee Chairperson: Jillian Pratt ’21

The Student Senate Public Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining Student Senate’s influence on campus and engaging with students in an effort to promote Student Senate. The Public Relations Committee is directly in charge of handling all of Student Senate’s social media platforms including its website, snapchat, instagram, and facebook.

The Public Relations Committee has put on various events on campus to not only promote Student Senate, but also form personal connections with the student body with events such as “Trash Your Insecurities with Gamma Delta Literary Society,” “Donuts on the Seal to Survive Finals,” and “Get a Goodiebag Day.” The Public Relations Committee also drives golf carts around the campus twice a month to take students to class and discuss any of their concerns while giving them rides.

The Public Relations Committee has a wide variety of tasks such as work with the Information Technology department to hold fair and competitive elections in the Spring, handle the Staff and Faculty of the Month awards, work with Student Senate Class Chairs to hold any events they would like to have. The Public Relations Committee is also responsible for communicating with the campus community in any way it deems effective. One way the Committee has done this is the past is through the “What New?” newsletter that is issued twice every month during the academic year.

College and External Affairs Committee

College and External Affairs Committee Chairperson: Jessica Korbel ’21

The Student Senate College and External Affairs Committee is responsible for working with various areas of the college to ensure that student wellbeing is at the forefront of every decision made. This committee is composed of eight members, two of which are the chair of the committee and the student-faculty committee liaison.

The College and External Affairs Committee works closely with student-faculty committees which are committees established by the College, outside of Student Senate, so that students and faculty are able to develop solutions to various issues that arise. Some of these student-faculty committees include the Curriculum Review Committee, the Institutional Review Board, and the Resource Advisory Committee. The student-faculty committee liaison is a leadership position with the Student Senate who is tasked with reporting to the Full Senate any pertinent updates from the students in these external committees.

The College and External Affairs Committee reviews different aspects of student life ranging from diversity to residential life. The College and External Affairs committee works with the director of greek-lettered organizations to ensure the wellbeing of our historic literary societies. The College and External Affairs Committee works with various offices and groups on campus such as the Office of Residential Life, the Office of Career Development, the Office of Admissions, the Faculty Senate, and the American Association of Union Professors.