SR 16-17 – Confirmation of 2017 Senators

January 26th, 2017
Senator Mesfin Lenth

WHEREAS: Senator Furugaki resigned and Senator Harms graduated early, posing a need to fill in a vacancy in the Class of 2017.

WHEREAS: The Class of 2017 senators sent an e-mail to the entire class and posted on the Class’s Facebook page which notified Seniors about the vacancy and allowed whoever interested to be considered for the position. Unsurprisingly, there were only two applicants who were interested for the position. Regardless of the small number of applicants, the candidates were required a brief statement about who they are, why they want to be a senator, and what they can bring to the Student Senate. The remaining senators believe that Kayla Matthews and Nathaniel Groh acquire the experience and qualification to bring innovative ideas and make a positive impact for the Class of 2017 and the Student Senate.   

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Senate will authorize and vote on confirming Kayla Matthews and Nathaniel Groh as new Class of 2017 Student Senators.

RESOLVED: The resolution will begin immediately following its approval by the Student Senate.


Quinton Wadkins, President


Full Senate Meeting Minutes 12/8/2016

Call to Order: 8:14pm


Roll Call

Absences included


Approval of Minutes: unanimous

Approval of Agenda approved


Lobby Your Senate



Executive Board:

President: Exec Board has a meeting Tuesday with IT. They are currently writing a program for campus announcements since IC is one of the only schools that does one campus announcement. IT is also doing a single login site for IC students.  We are losing several officers for next semester, so if senators are interested in applying for a position watch for that announcement.  

Vice President: Vice President Flores has been working with faculty and staff on making IC a sanctuary campus.  

Treasurer: Senator McNamara will update the account before she leaves and if a senator is interested in in being treasurer go talk to her



Class Chairs

2017: Class of 2017 will have a vacancy and will be hosting a pizza party for their class.

2018: Nothing to report

2019: Class of 2019 is working on Christmas card for their class, and they will be meeting next semester to decide on a social

2020: Class of 2020 met on Tuesday and they hope to host an event in the Spring.   


Ad Hoc Committees:

All-Gender Restroom: They have a resolution on the floor for tonight

Constitutional: THey have a resolution on the floor for tonight.


Standing Committees:

Finance committee: The finance committee has been finding inactive accounts from old student organization and has been reclaiming the money for the student allocation fund.  

Student Life Committee: Student Life Committee passed the Sanctuary Campus Resolution through their committee. Student Life will also have a Chartwells meeting Friday at 9am.  

Public Relations: PR is working on getting students to use the app.  Senator Lenth has been working the faculty and staff member of the month. The recipients were Dr. Wells and Joyce Mann.


Student Faculty Liaison: CRC met on the 30th of November.  They reduced the number of hours for several majors and blueprinted several courses.  


Advisor Reports

Dr Adams: Faculty passed the requirements for latin honors. These honors will affect the next incoming class. The new GPA requirements are as follows:

Cumme Laude: 3.7

Magna Cumme Laude: 3.8

Summa Cumme Laude: 3.9

Also, in the faculty meeting, a sanctuary campus resolution was brought forward and passed among faculty.  

Dean Carlson: Dr. Farley had a “town meeting” yesterday. If faculty or staff made under $40,000 their jobs were reviewed and their salaries would be per hour now.  This is now on hold due to legal issues.  MAP Grants were discuess, the school will honor those grants.  The strategy maps is being reviewed by a newly formed committee.  Sustainable Foundations Group was discussed and the roles of the different committees. Architectures were on campus to look at Crispin.  The building will be ready to go Fall of 2018 if everything goes according to plan.    



Old Business:

Senator Yantis withdraws his resolution about campus announcements.  Vice President Flores believes the listen-in was a success.

For next semester Vice President Flores would like senators to keep in mind what they learned during the listen-in. He encourages us to continue improving diversity and inclusion on campus.    


New Business:

SR 16-14: This amendment will be creating a new section under article IV of the Illinois College Constitution.  This amendment will be voted on at the next full senate meeting.

SR 16-15: This resolution is supporting the decision for IC to become a sanctuary campus.  Senator McNamara moves to approve the resolution, Senator Foster seconds.  Senator Phillips, Austin moves to make an addition to the resolution referring to the faculty senate resolution, Senator Pecher seconds. Unanimously approved.

SR 16-16:  This resolution is supporting the funding of an all-gender restroom on the first floor of Kirby.  The restroom that would be converted is the men’s’ restroom.  Senator McNamara moves to vote and approve, Senator Foster seconds.  Unanimously approved


Adjournment: Senator Pantier moves to adjourn, Senator Cadet seconds.  


SR 16-16 – Funding for All-Gender Restrooms

December 8, 2016

Senator Austin Phillips


WHEREAS: Under recent circumstances, a single, public, all-gender restroom will be implemented over Winter break. The location will be the ‘men’ restroom in the 100 level of Kirby by the rotunda.

WHEREAS: Provost O’Connell as well as facilities may need help in funding the restroom design.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Student Senate will cover no more than 75% of the overall costs pertaining to the redesign of the all-gender restroom(s). In keeping consideration of negotiation for additional all-gender restrooms, the goal of no more than 50% coverage of the restroom(s) redesign will be rendered an achievement with the administration.

RESOLVED: Ultimately the Illinois College administration will be tasked with the redesign of the restroom(s) as soon as the start of winter break 2016/17.

SR 16-15 – Declaring Illinois College a Sanctuary Campus

Senator Gian Villagomez & Vice President Christian Flores

December 8th, 2016

WHEREAS; Illinois College is home to students who are protected by President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive action.

WHEREAS; Illinois College is actively recruiting DACA students through scholarships and financial aid.

WHEREAS; President-elect Donald Trump has promised to “immediately terminate” DACA when he is inaugurated into office, leaving our undocumented students unprotected and subject to deportation and forceful removal from campus.

WHEREAS; Members of the Student Senate have heard student concerns and have been working closely with Nuestra Casa to gauge the fear of Illinois College’s latino and hispanic community.

WHEREAS; Students who are protected by DACA are unsure whether their education at this institution will be protected or they will have to make alternative arrangements.

WHEREAS; The Vision of Illinois College expresses a commitment to “build an international reputation for inspiring achievement and empowering students to make a difference in the world” and the College’s strategy map emphasizes “marketing to diversified constituencies” to expand visibility and financial resources.

WHEREAS; Members of the Student Senate have worked closely with members of the Faculty to understand the nationwide movement for institutions of higher education to become “Sanctuary Campuses.”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; That Illinois College be proactive and precautionary to assure that it will protect all of its students, despite immigration status. The Student Senate urges the administration of Illinois College to declare our home a Sanctuary Campus. This would involve that the College:

  • Ensure that the identities of undocumented and DACA members of our campus community be protected.
  • Refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids.
  • Not allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) onto campus without a warrant.
  • Guarantee student privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of our students to any government agency.
  • Refuse all voluntary information sharing with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement and U. S. Customs and Border Protection across all aspects of the University to the fullest extent of the law as possible.
  • Reaffirm the College’s historical commitment to protect those most in need, as we did when Illinois College formed part of the Underground Railroad.
  • Create a campus atmosphere of respect by denouncing hate speech targeted at immigrants, people of color, Muslim and LGBTQ+ students.
  • Provide confidential legal counseling, using our devoted alumni network, to students with immigration law questions and issues.

Due to the uncertainty that the new presidential administration’s policies bring, the Senate urges a timely response from the College administration.

RESOLVED: The Student Senate will forward our concerns and recommendations to President Farley and the Administration of Illinois College. We urge the administration to give us a response by January 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is the day we return to class.

SR 16-14 – Amendment to the Constitution

December 8, 2016

WHEREAS: The current constitution does not adequately address the procedure and purpose of a resolution,

WHEREAS: The constitutional ad hoc committee was formed to address the inadequacies of the Constitution of the Illinois College Student Senate. The committee voted and agreed to the following changes to the document,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The following changes shall be made to Article IV by the addition of section 6, which reads:

  1.  Resolutions are for the purpose of advocacy and/or action.
  2. All voting members of Student Senate may write and propose a resolution
  3. All resolutions are required to be submitted to the Leadership Council. At the Leadership Council’s discretion, a resolution submitted must be forwarded to any committee.
  4. All new resolutions must be passed by a majority roll call vote.
  5. After passing a resolution, said resolution will become Senate law.
  6. Repealing an old resolution requires two-thirds roll call vote; resolution must specifically repeal previous resolution.
  7. Roll call voting options are as follows:


  • Yea
  • Nay
  • Abstain from voting
  • Abstain from the order of voting



RESOLVED: Upon a two-thirds vote of approval by the Student Senate, these changes shall take effect immediately.

Leadership Meeting Minutes 12/6/2016

Absences: Senator Conway


Guest: IT




IT Report

  • Sign website log is will be ready for Spring Semester. will be the site.
  • Campus Announcements: They will be sending out single announcements until it is fixed. Students can still view campus announcements on the app. More people have access to the all student email.  
  • IT Visitation: IC’s IT group will be traveling to Notre Dame to learn about their system.  
  • WiFi: There is a hospitality hotspot that IT is looking at getting for the college and some other updates to improve WiFi
  • The Student Senate also discussed with IT about technology and the new classrooms in Kirby



  • Sanctuary Campus: Faculty passed the resolution. Student Senate’s resolution has also passed committee and will be voted on by the full senate Thursday.
  • Provost O’Connell has not responded about the All-Gender Restroom allocations. The resolution has been written and passed for the full senate to vote on.

Finance Committee

  • Senator Hoagland received an email about more dead organizations.  There are three organizations that are being looked at: French, History, and Sociology club.  $2,200 is between these organizations.  


  • Three or four resolutions will be present for Thursday’s meeting.  
  • We will also will be celebrating the end of the semester.  


Dr Adams

  • Faculty passed a resolution to raise the standard for latin graduation honors. Going into effect with new first years for next year.  The Latin Graduation Standards are as follows:
    • Cumme Laude: 3.7 GPA
    • Magna Cumme Laude: 3.8 GPA
    • Summa Cumme Laude: 3.9 GPA


Semester Update

Finance Committee: Senator Hoagland split up work among senators, went through the bylaws, has been ccing advisors, and he is working on a binder.  He is also working on making sure each organization has allocations and he has been updating officers on their allocations. Senator Hoagland would like to work on organization, and including exec board for emails.  


PR Committee: The website was a big advancement for student senate.  Social media posts has declined because members are getting busy.  PR hopes to work with the Rambler next semester. The Newsletter was being read but senators were not contributing.  This newsletter will hopefully come up next semester. PR can improve on getting personal with the students.  Faculty/Staff Member of the month was picked up by a member of the committee.  Vice President Flores recommends working on follow through.


Student Life: Senator Donayre would like to work on meeting with more people on campus besides Reslife and Food Services.  She is currently working on bringing a new news source to campus.  Karina would like to work on delegating more work to members of the committee.  Attendance has been an issue with student life committee.  She reminds the senators to meet but the attendance is still very poor.  Senator Donayre would also like to work on follow up.   



Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/29/2016



President’s Announcements


  • All Gender-Restroom Committee
    • President Wadkins suggests the All-Gender Restroom Committee writes a flexible resolution that would allocate a large amount to the project but the remaining amount will return to the Student Activities Fund.  
  • Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee
    • This committee will probably have a constitutional amendment for the next meeting, but this would mean the next full senate meeting needs to stay long and not shortened for the retreat
  • Shirts
    • There has been no update
  • End of the year party
    • The office still needs to be set up, before the party, and once it is together the event can be held
  • Printers
    • The Senate Printers are hooked up, for senators to use.     


  • The attendance policy needs to be reevaluated.


Committee Reports

  • PR
    • They will be looking into the shirts
  • Finance  
    • Nothing new
    • Leilani is drafting up a document for organizations to sign saying they will follow our bylaws since they are required to.
  • Student Life
    • Student Life’s next meeting is next Thursday
  • Special Events
    • They are working up setting up the office for our end of the year party.  


Advisor Reports

Dean Carlson: The Student Senate might want to look at the yearbook.  Also she is writing a report for faculty and if we would like to say something we need to email Dean Carlson.

Dr. Adams: The faculty are looking at the honors and raising the standards, so students will need higher GPAs. Across campus, faculty are discussing the idea of Illinois College becoming a sanctuary campus. On Monday there was a meeting with faculty and some students to discuss the idea and coordinating actions. The faculty senate has passed a resolution that will be presented at the next faculty meeting.  Rambler articles, petitions, and public awareness campaigns are being discussed.  The student senate and faculty senate’s resolutions will be addressed around the same time.     


Sanctuary Campus  

  • Currently Nuestra Casa is looking towards legal help and emotional help.  They find this a very important issue because it is not a DACA issue but a hispanic issue. Also, Illinois College is currently recruiting DACA students, and if the school wants to continue recruiting they need to say they will protect the student.   


President Farley

  • The Student Senate has been looking at advising the campus to become a Sanctuary Campus.
  • President Farley does not have an update on the All-Gender Restroom, but she will contact Provost O’Connell and Tim Weiss.  
  • President Farley is going to follow up with Leslie DeFrates on parking.  
  • College has found a new book provider, so everything has been set up for next semester.
  • The board has approved President Farley to move forward to update Crispin and Crampton. Certain departments, like psychology are being moved to Crispin so they are being questioned on what they need for their learning environment. Crampton is being renovated for academic programs and the registrar office, which would be handicapped accessible.    
  • Memorial Hall was closed down due to the expense.  APO will continue to be in Memorial Gym, but the building will not be heated. Currently the board is looking at what the role of Memorial Gym will be in the future, because renovations cannot be made to a building that does not have a purpose.  
  • President Farley will be looking at having a Student Senator present at the Board of Trustees meeting in February.


Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/21/2016





Senator Conway: Working on pizza party


Senator Hoagland: Talked with Lori Nave about student activities who have gone inactive.  Senator Hoagland emailed the advisors warning them of the removal of funds. $3618.91 was returned to the student activities account.


Senator Phillips, Austin: They are currently working with IT to get IT Tips up and running.  


Senator Donayre: Talked about the Chartwells meeting and they they discussed the Listen-in.  Senator Donayre’s committing is hoping to arrange something with Chartwells to have the cafe open early during finals.  Poll results in for 4-meal swipe.


Treasurer McNamara: Nothing to report


Secretary Foster:  Sign the key waiver


New Business

Accountability reports: These were given back from the beginning of the year and leadership is tasked to make a written statement to address the tasked established previously in the year at the retreat. Have reports in by last leadership meeting. Ideally on Sunday December 4th.


All-Gender Restroom: President Wadkins is trying to set up a meeting with Provost O’Connell so the amount can be set and renovations can be carried out over semester break.  President Wadkins will be emailing the Provost about estimated costs for the renovation so a resolution can be written and voted on by the next meeting.


Sanctuary Campus: Some faculty have been writing a resolution for the Faculty Senate to make the campus a sanctuary campus.  This is for assuming the worse, but the campus would protect the students if they are undocumented. There will be a meeting to invited people to be a part of the efforts on Monday during convo hour in the Crispin lecture hall.  There is a draft written, but this will be stronger if it comes more people such as alumni and donors.  If Student Senate is interested in writing their own resolution they can. The idea is to protect the students, if someone wishes to search the campus they administration would say no.   


Listen-in: The listen-in would start at 7:30pm and last 9:00pm.  This will be a short notice event, but senators will be mandatory to attend.  Exceptions to miss will include work since it is short notice.  All organizations will be sending their executive board.  The six topics discussed will include academics, reslife and health service, student activities and athletics, religious life, jacksonville as a community, and food services.  Senators will not respond and they can not encourage that these problems will be addressed since it is difficult to address some of these issues.  We will be working as a big group to small group to big group. There will also be pizza.    

Rules to send to Senators:

  1. Not a time for confrontation, keep discussion civil
  2. No cellphones or laptops
  3. Senators take notes
  4. This is our time to listen




Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/15/2016



Attendance Include:

  • Patrick Brown, Alex, Mark (IT)
  • Joseph Conway
  • Austin Phillips
  • Hoaby Hoagland
  • Karina Donayre
  • Quinn Wadkins
  • Allie McNamara
  • Christian Flores

IT Updates

  • Single Sign on Portal
    • One site, that you log onto, and it has buttons that will take you to the site you need.
  • Outdoor Wireless
    • Replaced antennas on access points such as Caine and near the football and baseball field. All of these will hopefully be replaced by Winter Break and this will help with coverage across campus.   
  • Wifi bug
    • There was a problem with an access point when students returned from fall break, but that has been resolved.  
  • IC students need to be informed that IT can hook up their smarttv for them they just need to contact them.


New Business


  • A weekly announcement made by Senate PR from IT.

Campus Announcements

  • Campus Announcements have not been consistent.  
    • The recommendation is to switch to a single group. So everyone gets the single digest at the same time.  
    • Currently the campus announcement is divided by class, so everyone receives the campus announcement at a different time.  
    • We can either advertise students to change their group or use the app.


Vending Machines

  • Vending machines that would dispense toothbrush, toothpaste, phone charger, and headphones…..etc…

Resolution on Campus Announcements

  • Austin will be writing a resolution on the campus announcements


  • Listen-in: The general feeling is they really want to do it but due to the election is should be moved to after Thanksgiving Break.   
  • Listen-in event will be close to November 29th
  • Chairs have to talk about committees about this event.  

Holiday Meal

  • Canceled



Full Senate Meeting Minutes 11/10/2016

Call to Order: 8:04pm

Roll Call

Absences include Senator Conway and Dean Carlson


Senator McNamara moves to approve the agenda, Senator Yantis seconds; approved



Executive Board:

President:  After the Farley Forum the attendance policy will be more strict so send in excuses by noon the day of the event.  We will be having our first retreat today in the Lincoln classrooms.  Provost O’Connell and President Wadkins met to discuss the all-gender bathroom. Current costs are around $14,000, Senate will most likely pay around $7,000.  If approved, renovations will be made over the break


Lobby Your Senate



New Business:

Constitutional AdHoc Committee

A Constitutional AdHoc Committee will be made to address issues within our current constitution.  Changes to the constitution are serious so this committee needs to take their job seriously. Meeting will be after leadership meeting on alternating Tuesdays. These meetings will start Tuesday, November 14th.   Senator Yantis moves to approve the constitutional AdHoc committee, Senator Hills seconds. Approved


Senator Yantis ‘18

Senator Pantier ‘17

Senator Hoagland ‘19

Senator Phillips ‘19

Senator Hills ‘18

Senator Appiahkuppi ‘20

Senator McNamara ‘18

Senator Foster ‘18


Letter to the Editor

The Rambler wrote an article about Student Senate and President Wadkins would like to respond to the editor. Senators are expected to edit the document and President Wadkins would like to send in the letter by Wednesday at 8pm. Senator Yantis moves to approve the letter to The Rambler, Senator Lenth seconds;  Unanimous.


SR 16-11 Campus Announcements

This resolution is looking at taking the campus announcement back to the original system where students receive individual email since it is better for students to receive the email then not al all. Vice President Flores moves to table, Senator McNamara seconds; Approved.


SR 16-12: Integrity Board  

Students were picked to serve on the integrity board for the 2016-2017 school year. Vice President Flores moves to approve, Senator Cadet Seconds; Unanimous


SR 16-13: Thanksgiving Break Allocation

This resolution would like to allocate $300 for Thanksgiving programing for students who stay on campus. Residential Life will be reimbursed with this money. Senator Torres moves to approve, Senator Pantier seconds; Unanimous


Adjournment: Senator Whitlow moves to approve, Senator Pantier seconds; Approved