Leadership Minutes 9/21/2016




Joseph Conway

Austin Phillips (arrived late)

Dean Carlson


New Business

  • Tim Weiss and Patrick Brown cannot come during our leadership meetings.  So we should consider moving our meetings to possibly 4:30pm on Tuesday or 9:30am on Wednesday.


  • Try scheduling Tim Weiss and President Farley for a meeting.  


  • Office Move.  The ad hoc committee will be moving the old furniture out, they will need help to move the new furniture up and putting the furniture together.


  • Make sure everyone is publicising the Mike Stud concert and Maysoon Zayid convocation
  • We need to update the constitution, so create an ad hoc committee.


Blueprint Committee Update

  • They have met with Helen Kuhn and are looking at setting dates and fine tuning the process for the presentation.  


Faculty Report

Professor Adams

  • Faculty might be making a resolution in support of the All-gender bathrooms, so that ad hoc committee needs to be in contact with Prof. Adams   
  • Freshmen orientation  
  • Sustainable foundation task force: the faculty has not had the chance to voice their opinions in a public forum, but there has been discussion about changes in the system.  Student Senate should pay attention and be prepared to participate in this discussion.   


Committee Updates

  • Student Life: stay in contact with people across campus
  • PR: Continue to promote our events, the concert and convocation



Leadership Minutes 10/11/2016

Absences: Quinn, Joey, Dr. Adams


  • Chartwells Poll-Karina
  • Office Furniture needs to be put together ASAP
    • Working on it during fall break
  • Pictures Thursday at 7:30pm in Lincoln Library for a quick group picture
    • Will look for marketing pictures
  • Integrity Board-Karina
    • Karina is sending them out today
  • Newsletter-Austin
    • Sending it to all committee chairs and class chairs
  • President Farley is coming Nov. 1, Nov. 29, Jan. 31, and March 28 (leadership meeting)
  • Textbook Policy Farley will be addressing the Textbook Policy this Thursday
  • Moving up Farley Forum-Joey
  • Continue to work on Website-Austin
  • Increase Facebook visibility-Austin



  • Finance is meeting tomorrow
  • Will be looking at Student Organizations that have “died” and our allocated money


  • Senator Lenth is taking faculty/staff member of the month
  • Facebook is back up and running
  • Website has been updated
  • All-Gender Bathrooms committee is writing up a letter to present to President Farley for tomorrow


  • Committee meeting time change
  • Working on the survey about chartwells
  • Getting a meeting about Jeff Reagan

Dean Carlson

  • Student/Faculty Meetings are coming
    • Sophomores, Juniors, and seniors apply for the positions in the spring
  • Conference
    • Did we still want to go?-Yes
  • 5:49pm


Leadership Minutes 10/4/2016



Attendance: everyone including, guest is Tim Weiss


New Business

Tim Weiss

  • New policy is 4 swipes a day. The main reason this was implemented was because there were some students running out of meals. The goal was to protect the students, not to restrict. This policy was decided before talking to the students, which Weiss does not approve of.   
  • Weiss believes the table tents on the table was nicely done.  
    • Student Senate will sent out a poll and survey students.
  • Tim Weiss will try to remove the 4 swipe limit if the students want it and if it’s possible to change the contract.  The goal is for the limit to be removed for next semester if possible, worst case scenario next year.


President Wadkins

  • Make a tab for Senate Newsletter on the website-PR
  • Senator Donayre will be finding 3 people for the Honor Board
  • Jeffrey Reagan needs to be contacted about the safety-student Life
  • President Farley needs to be invited to a meeting-senator Foster
  • President Farley needs a letter about the all-gender bathroom changes-Senator Phillips
  • Patrick Brown needs to be contacted-Senator Donayre.  
  • The new Senate Conference Room is being put together, but President Wadkins would like to have an open house.  
  • Funding a subscription to another magazine.  


Full Senate Minutes 9/29/2016

Call to Order: 8:16pm


Roll Call

Absences included Senator Hampton.  


Lobby Your Senate


Executive Board:

President: Leadership meetings are being moved to Tuesdays at 4:30. The Newsletter needs to be added to the website. The furniture has been purchased for the Senate Conference Room and the furniture has come in for the new conference room.  

Vice President: Senators please respond to emails.

Treasurer: Student activity fund is around $30,000.  The student activity fund will drop since we have some allocations tonight.

Secretary: Senator Foster encourages senators to email her with questions if they have any.  


Committee Reports

Finance committee: Senator Hoagland has a resolution for several allocations.  Finance committee had a meeting on Wednesday morning and the committee members have been divided up to keep in contact with student organizations.

Special Events Committee: The Mike Stud event was on Tuesday. Senator Palmer is planning a BluePrint event on October 25 and 26 at 8:30pm in Baxter.  Senator Conway is starting to contact people on the 5k.  Sexual Assault Awareness Week is 7-11 so we will be decorating on the 6th.  Farley Forum is in the process it will probably happen in late October.

Student Life Committee: Senator Donayre has been planning on meeting with Tim Weiss.  Senator Donayre has brought the Senate complaint envelopes for everyone to put on their doors. Student Life has a meeting with Denny and Joe on the second Friday of every month.  

Public Relations: Senator Phillips, Austin had a boost post yesterday.  The post that was boosted was the Mike Stud concert, this was successful and PR will continue to use this feature.  Senator Phillips is working with Brooke Gronewold on the apparel.


Class Chairs

2017: Senator Lenth has been trying to get the senior Senators to participate in the class gift

2018: Still hasn’t met

2019: Class of 2019 met yesterday and they are working on the Sophomore Experience.  The class of 2019 would like to have everybody on Senate to receive a name tag and have everyone wear the name tag on a specific day to get their name out there.  

2020: Class met on Monday and the class will be meeting with President Wadkins to select a class chair and vice-chair.  


Ad Hoc Committees

BluePrint: The BluePrint event will be October on October 25 and 26 in Baxter at 8:30pm. First-year senators will be required to attend.  Helen Kuhn will be there instructing the sessions.

All-Gender Bathrooms: Senator Phillips, Austin and Senator Hills have a resolution to present tonight. Once this committee has a set time it will be publicized and open to everyone.  

Student Faculty Liaison: Senator Hills has sent out applications through campus announcements for the Student Faculty Committee. The application deadline will be extended.    



Dean Carlson: Dean Carlson spent time with international students.  We have a bigger group than before so she encourages all senators to reach out to them.  Reminder to all senators to make sure you use the tax exempt card because senators will not be reimbursed for that. Dean Carlson discussed the Sustainable Foundations Committee.

Dr. Adams: Dr. Adams asks senators to keep her informed and she is willing to talk to faculty if senators would like her to.  



Old Business: President Wadkins and Dean Carlson went to Staples and the order came in today unexpectedly.  President Wadkins would like more people on the moving committee.  If Senators are free at Sunday at noon they need to come help.  President Wadkins would also like more senators to assemble the furniture for the new senate conference room on Sunday.   

New Business:

SR 16-08 Senate Allocations.  Senator Hoagland wrote this resolution for CEA, CARE, BSU, Spectrum.  CEA would like to bring a speaker; the CARE initiative would like $8,000 for the year so he plans on giving them $500 for this semester; BSU is receiving $4,800 for this semester.  Spectrum is also requesting money and they are increasing their original allocation request.  $7,800 is the total amount being allocated in this resolution.

Senator Conway moves to vote and approve, Senator Hills seconds.  Unanimous

SR 16-09 Kirby All-Gender Restrooms.  This resolution is looking to recommend two restrooms in Kirby become all-gender to President Farley. This resolution would like to change the middle restrooms because they are the most accessible, and Kirby has 6 public restrooms currently so 4 restrooms would still remained gendered.  The only changes to these restrooms would be the signs for right now.  

Senator Pantier moves to approve, Senator Pecher seconds.  Unanimous


An ad hoc committee needs to be formed to send out applications for the integrity board.  Senator Donayre will chair this committee, Senator Phillips, Austin, Senator Torres, and Senator Appiah-kubi will be on the committee.  


Adjournment: Senator Yantis moves to adjourn, Senator Harms seconds.  9:15pm


SR 16-09: Kirby All-Gender Restrooms

29 September 2016
Senator Austin Phillips


The Illinois College campus currently has traditional binary restroom options. As a result, students who do not identify within the constraints of the traditional gender binary are excluded from the status quo of “men” and “women” restroom options on the Illinois College campus.


If any member of the campus community is uncomfortable in their current situation, the promises set forth by the Illinois College Vision Statement are no longer justifiable:

Illinois College will build an international reputation for inspiring achievement and empowering students to make a difference in the world.

If steps towards creating a more inclusive campus are not upheld, Illinois College will not be striving to achieve the fullest extent of “achievement” and “empower[ment]” for which the institution wants to be internationally known.


Current all-gender restrooms on the Illinois College campus are not adequate to provide for the needs of the non-binary community on campus. As a result, students are forced to use gendered restrooms with which they do not identify. The addition of all-gender restrooms, therefore, would be a great convenience to students and an overall benefit to the campus.



The addition of all-gender restrooms will contribute to the promotion of gender equality at Illinois College, and help to educate the campus community about diversity and inclusion even outside the classroom.


The presence of more all-gender restrooms on campus will serve as a valuable educational opportunity.  As modern culture evolves, the complexities of sex, gender, and the gender binary are becoming more and more prevalent through social and political discourse, the media, and everyday life.  Educating students on these complexities will effectively prepare them for the inevitable, important conversations they will be a part of in their post-graduate lives. It is the responsibility of Illinois College to adequately prepare its students for the “real world,” and it is evident that the “real world” will be full of gender-based discussion.  All-gender restrooms provide students with opportunities to learn firsthand about subjects such as bodies, gender and sexual politics, and the harmful restrictions of the patriarchal gender binary – regardless of whether or not those students choose to actively use the all-gender facilities.



In accordance with this resolution, Senators James Hills and Austin Phillips have met with major advocates, involving those in the College’s faculty, staff, and administration that support and endorse this resolution. This includes employees in facilities and the Vice-President of Enrollment Management and College Marketing to acquire an accurate description of past projects to increase the number of all-gender restrooms and how much the cost would be for this resolution.

In addition, students have reached out to individual Student Senators to express their concerns regarding the status quo of the restroom situation on the Illinois College campus.  


Both the ‘men’ and ‘women’ Restrooms on the middle floor, the 100 level, of Kirby will be transitioned to All-Gender restrooms by implementing All-Gender Restroom signs. The amount of $300 was put aside for the purchasing of the signs. From that amount, the (2) signs will be purchased.


The All-Gender Restroom Committee will be tasked with following the resolution in its entirety through any procedural actions taken by the administration of Illinois College. As a result, the resolution will be submitted by President Wadkins to the Illinois College President for review and implementation.

Senate Resolution 16-08: Additional Student Organization Allocations

September 29th, 2016

Senator Hoaby Hoagland

WHEREAS: The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Student Activity Fund and distributing it to Student Organizations.

WHEREAS: The Finance Committee recommends the following allocations for the Fall Semester of the 2016-17 School Year.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: These allocations are to be made as of Friday September 16th, 2016.

RESOLVED: The Student Senate approves of the following allocations.


Organization Name Allocation Amount Requested Amount Recommended Finance Committee Recommendation for the Fall
Coalition for Ethnic Awareness (C.E.A.) $1,500.00 $1,500.00 $1,500.00
CARE Initiative $8,500.00 $500.00 $500.00
Black Student Union (B.S.U.) $8,165.00 $4,800.00 $4,800.00
S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. $2,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Total $20,165.00 $7,800.00 $7,800.00

Leadership Minutes 9/28/2016


Absent: Prof. Adams, Dean Carlson


New Business

  • Meetings are being moved to Tuesday’s at 4:30pm
  • Bathroom Adhoc Committee
    •  There is a resolution for Kirby bathrooms.  
    • They will need to meet with facilities and professors
  • Blueprint Adhoc Committee
    • Meeting in Baxter 100 at October 25 & 26 to walk people through the blueprint. Mainly first-years
  • Student-Life
    • Will be talking with Tim Weiss
    • Set up a meeting with Patrick Brown for Oct. 4 at 4:30pm
    • Email Pam Birdsell also.  
    • Envelopes will be passed around at the meeting for each student senator
  • Finance Committee
    • Meeting today
    • Needs the updated student organization account
    • 3 more allocations have come in.
      • Jaxon will be coming for CARE
  • Special Events
    • Mike Stud event was yesterday
    • Blueprint event on October 25 & 26
      • Plan on having first-year senators and ad hoc committee members present
    • Started talking to people about 5K
    • Sexual Assault Awareness week Nov 7-11
      • We are to decorate Nov 6
      • All of senate will be present
    • Farley Forum
      • Probably late October
    • CoSponsor the next presidential debates with the Leadership Program
      • Working towards convo credit
      • We shop for the food
  • PR
    • Posted a paid boost
    • We need to start tshirts
      • Will be bring examples of tshirts




Statement from Joe Werts on Four Meal Swipes

“Illinois College and Chartwells discussed how to better serve all students this year with their meal plans and implemented a four swipe limit to daily swipes for all students on block plans. This helps the students maintain their freedom associated with the block meal plans but helps safe guard the many, many students who face the risk of running out of meals every semester.
The college and Chartwells partner every year to discuss options for making the meal plans better for all of the students and taking all needs into account.
The first thing that needs to be understood is that Chartwells can do just about anything, but there are pricing scales and structures in place for every change made to meal plans and services. That’s how the negotiation is handled. To be competitive within their market and to give the greatest value to the students; both returning and incoming, the college has a specific cost associated with the room and board rates.  The college asks to add or take away from the services provided and makes compromises to keep within a certain price structure. Chartwells is willing to try new things and change just about anything to adjust to the students needs, but we have to stay within the constraints of our business to ensure our success.
For example, two years ago, we had two venues open for breakfast and lunch, and three for dinner. We had errors in the efficient use of scheduling because of how the students were using our services, so we changed. We traded breakfast and dinner at Mondo’s for lunch at the grill. This reduced lines and we were able to swap hours so we did not have to increase rates to do it.
This year, we pulled hours from the dining room in the afternoon when no one was here, and we were able to open Starbucks for late night service, again without increasing rates.
These are two example of compromise to better serve the students.
The same goes for meal plans and meal plan cost. The more flexibility and unlimited use that exists in the meal plans, the more the cost will increase. We can open up constraints and give larger freedoms, but those come at a cost because of the additional cost involved to us as a business to enact these plans and provide more goods and services.
My advice for students who want to get involved is to first understand the process and to understand both sides of the business arrangement. The more you understand about the process, the more impact you can have. Understanding the dynamics will help the students gather a realistic list based on priorities knowing that they may not get everything because of the negotiation process involved.
Please let me know if you have any further questions, or require any further explanation. Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to explain our collective decision making process with the Senate.”
Joe Werts