The student government at Illinois College is called Student Senate. Student Senate presides over and subsidizes a majority of the student groups, clubs and organizations that are on campus.

Student Senate attempts to reflect student opinion on basic and important issues of College life and acts as a representative of the student body at all times working to promote the best interest of the students within the larger context of the Illinois College community.


:: Executive Officers: The presidential election is held exactly one week before the general election and shall be held in the spring semester between Spring Break and the last meeting of the current Senate. The presidential and vice presidential candidates run on the same ticket and are elected to office together. The president nominates the secretary and treasurer from the student senators and the legislative body approves of them, who then make up the Executive Board of Student Senate that organizes the general activities of Student Senate. The Board can be contacted at senateexec@ic.edu

:: Leadership Council: The Leadership Council is made up of the president, vice president, the appointed treasurer and secretary, the committee chairs and student-faculty committee liaison. Each member of the Leadership Council is required to serve 3 weekly office hours, which can be found under the Leadership Council tab, where any member of the campus community can find the officers in Caine 202 to answer any questions.

:: Legislative Body: Each class has six senators, all elected in general election as class senators by their respective classes. There are two class officers (class chair and class vice chair) for each class. The Class Chair appointed by the president. The Class Chair can select their own class vice chair. The general election is held between Spring Break and the last meeting of the current senate, one week after the presidential election.

:: Finance: Budgets all student organization monies, responsible for the allocation process and orders and conducts audits of student organization fees/monies as it sees fit. Presents the annual budget and ensures that both the Student Senate and student organizations abide by the finance by-laws.

:: Public Relations: Works to improve relations and dialogue between the student body and the Senate, educates the student body about Senate activities through advertising, promoting and other means. Holds elections on the dates and times set by the executive board, handles faculty and staff-person nominations and updates Connect2 and other social media pages and resources.

:: College and External Affairs: Oversees various aspects of campus life to ensure the highest quality of living for Illinois College students. The Committee also works closely with faculty on student-faculty committees, the Faculty Senate, and the Illinois College chapter of the American Association of University Professors. Some of the campus offices that the Committee works with are the Office of Admissions, the Office of Career Development, the Office of Residential Life, and the campus dining services.

Any member of the Illinois College community is welcome to attend Student Senate meetings as a nonvoting member.  Any questions, comments or concerns are welcome in the Senate mail box 811.