25 April 2018


Full Student Senate 2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

25 April 2018

Tanner Trustee Room


Call to Order: 8:31pm

  • Swearing-In
  • Roll Call
  • Confirmation

Lobby Your Senate

  • None


Member Reports


  • Dean Malinda Carlson
    • Although not technically our advisor anymore, she wishes us the best in our future endeavors.
  • Dr. Diana Grullon-Garcia  
    • Nothing to Report

Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Governance and Constitutional Review Committee
  • Diversity and Inclusion Investigation Committee
    • Korbel met with Daniel Aguilar and found that there may be an issue with the location because the new dean of students may be occupying the space that the Resource Center would have been
    • Possibility that we could get upstairs of Caine, which was the original plan
    • Garcia mentioned that the professors involved in Gender and Women’s Studies would like to also be involved

Class Chairs

  • 2019
    • Senator Phillips is currently in Germany
    • Condon said that the Class of 2019 will try to outdo Marineth and
  • 2020
    • Saylor met with her class today and they got to know each other more and began planning for the new year
  • 2021
    • DeNardo talked about how the social went and what could be improved
    • Also  
  • 2022
    • N/A

Committee Chairs

  • Student Life
    • Talked about the resolution currently on the table
  • Public Relations
    • Pratt met with her committee and did general introductions, sub-committees, and plans for next year
  • Finance
    • Condon says that Finance will meet tomorrow at 7pm
    • He discussed the resolution on the table which will cover the $350 deficit by the Math Club

Student Faculty Liaison

  • Thompson will begin making applications

Executive Board

  • Secretary
    • Internship Credit
    • Attendance Policy
  • Treasurer
    • Agency Account has $2,519.80
    • Allocation Account has $11,532.98
    • If Math Club is passed $11,182.98
  • Vice President
    • Trunfio has been sitting in on the first few committee and class meetings and
    • SR 17-40 will be used to reconstruct parts of Student Senate
  • President
    • Has been working with Vice President Trunfio
    • Will be meeting with Provost to discuss the possibility of gaining some of the SAF fund back
    • Wants to make sure that Student Senate can have any events that they would like

Recess for Pictures

Old Business

  • SR 17-40
    • Korbel explained that it will change the responsibilities of the Student Life Committee and will make the Treasurer and Finance Chair the same person.

New Business

  • SR 18-01
    • DeNardo mentioned that this will require 3 community service hours and also 3 Student Senate sponsored events.
    • Senator Shivani stated that it’s good that we do community service, but she doesn’t think it should be required to be a student senator.
    • Korbel mentioned that the constitution
    • Williams asked whether other volunteer hours would also count
    • DeNardo said that although it is not stated in the constitution, there should not be any double dipping.
    • Passed.
  • SR 18-02
    • Treasurer Condon says that it will be helping Math Club with their final allocations.
    • Approved by the Finance Committee
    • Senator Saylor suggested a friendly amendment to fix “Fall 2017” to “Fall 2018”
    • Passed.


Open Discussion

  • Senator Korbel says that if anyone would like to join DIIC they can email her.
  • President Pena reminded everyone that he will not be creating
  • Treasurer Condon says that if you need reimbursement for Senate related purchases, you can contact him for all information.


Adjournment: 9:23pm