Information About candidates, Austin Phillips and James Hills!


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Austin Phillips

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Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Running Mate

James Hills, 2018, Political Science


In A Brief Paragraph, Tell Us About Yourself And What Are Your Goals Once Elected:

My name is Austin James Phillips and I grew up in a rural community not far from Jacksonville. Growing up I was highly involved in leadership roles and actually established one of the largest historical reenacting organizations with one the youngest Officers, that being myself, in the country.

What is your previous leadership experience?

I am currently the president of IC Pre-Law. Though Leadership is not defined through what I can put on my resume, rather it is the unseen leadership that derives from the micro-scale and not so much the macro-scale.

In your opinion, what should the role of Student Senate be on campus?

Student Senate should direct students towards grasping their own agency on their own campus.

In your opinion, what is the biggest issue affecting the Illinois College campus?

One of the biggest issues affecting the campus is the lack of interest in actions that directly affect students.

Explain why you are interested in becoming involved in Student Senate?

I have seen firsthand what the Student Senate can do. That being said, it doesn’t do enough for the students. It needs to stop thinking for the student body and actually be the student body.

What personal qualities do you possess that qualify you for this position?

I am very outspoken (As I’m sure you have at least heard of me). I tend to be stern and tell it how I see it. The students deserve this quality in their president.

As President, what would be your most difficult challenge?

My biggest challenge will be implementing my plans for student inclusiveness among senators that may disagree or administration that may disagree.

Any additional information that you want voters to know.

It saddens me that some faculty, staff, administration, and students leave IC because they do not feel welcome or comfortable anymore. This campus does not have any strong element that can address this issue. IC’s idea of diversity is simply having talks about “diversity” or claiming a room as a diversity center and then proclaiming that we are a diverse campus. It is time that we explore what makes us different rather than what makes us categorical. Vote for Austin Phillips because the first step to solving this problem is to make this campus realize there is one. When our retention rate for “students of color” is significantly low, we have to do something. We must not accept this, and we don’t have to.

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