Full Senate Meeting 2/9/2017

Roll Call

Senator Klein unexcused, Senator Cadet excused


Minutes Approved


Lobby Your Senate

Present: None


Executive Board

President Wadkins has the official response from President Farley on the topic of status as a sanctuary campus. AD Snyder has approached President Wadkins to get two students on a committee that will review the standards of the weight room equipment. Also, a new Student-Faculty Committee Liaison needs to be chosen to replace Senator Hills.

Vice-President Foster has no report.

Senator Hoagland student organization allocations have been brought forth and are in a resolution to be approved tonight. Each class chair is given $750 for purposes of class functions.

Senator A. Phillips talked about the PR committee’s campaign to advertise the IC App and its effectiveness with campus announcements and a “Student Section” tab. Mesfin will be sending out a new Google form for Faculty/Staff Member of the Month. A t-shirt poll will be sent out to all Senators by the weekend.

Senator Hills the Committee has met twice since last Full Senate for student organizations and their allocation requests.

Senator Lenth 2020 met last Wednesday. The class giving rate so far is 34%, and the goal is 50%. A formal dinner for Seniors has been planned for Hamilton’s but no date has been set. There is also discussion of the College’s pay schedule being changed from monthly to bi-weekly. Senator Matthews is new Vice-Chair.

Senator Yantis no report.

Senator H. Phillips The Class discussed the social and the delegation of duties

Senator AppiahKubi: An application has been sent out to class to fill Senator Torres’ spot, and interviews will be held Monday. Meetings will be bi-weekly to be more effective.


Dean Carlson SFTF (Sustainable Financial Task Force) is faculty and staff co-chaired by VP of Business and Provost to come up with ways to save College money and ensure sustainability. There are talks of lowering costs and raising enrollment, with a report being sent out 2/10 to entire campus. Different majors/minors may be cut and/or combined. For generating additional revenue, an e-sports club team will be coming to campus, and a competitive dance team to increase enrollment.

Professor Adams has no report.


Old Business:

Provost O’Connell has put the All-Gender Bathroom resolution on the “projects” list for facilities.

New Business:

SR 16-21 Spring Allocations SAB received $80,000 rather than the $85,000 they asked for. All other organizations were approved for a total of $101,950. Senator Pecher motioned to approve, Senator Carter seconded.

Proposed Amendment Senator Phillips, A elaborated on the talks that have been ongoing on disbanding Special Events and having the other three members absorb the members, making each standing committee with 8 Senators. Senator Phillips, H mentioned that a name change would be favored, but potentially keeping the theme of the Committee. Senator Palmer said that the first step this semester would be to re-establish the communication with student organizations. Last semester there was poor communication and leadership, but with this semester’s new goals, the potential to be successful is there.Senator Pecher said that new students are having more difficulty planning events simply because they don’t have the know-how. She suggested making a working document/ “Bible” of sorts to aid people in their planning. Senator Groh believes it’s a good idea in terms of sustainability to keep advisors in check, and a future resolution could address the advisors presence in the initial allocation procedure. Senator Phillips, H stressed the fact that unlike the past, the Committee has an agenda and a set of goals that can be moved forward and accomplished. VP Foster offered her guidance because she served on the original OOC and the transition into Special Events.

Proposed Resolution Senator Lenth brought forth the idea of changing the pay schedule for the college from monthly to bi-weekly. Senator Hilton mentioned that it teaches a budgeting skill for students when it is monthly. Senator Pantier stretched his agreement with Senator Hilton.



VP Foster motioned to adjourn, Senator Pantier seconded.

Senator Yantis and Senator Hoagland voted “nay” on adjournment.


9:34 PM


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