SR 16-20 – Confirmation of 2020 Senator

January 26, 2017

Senator Maricelis Torres


The Student Senate Class of 2020 was met with (1) vacancy in the class for the spring semester of 2016/2017 academic year.


Of the remaining Student Senators from the Class of 2020, with the help from the Public Relations committee, applications were opened up to the entire Class of 2020. Knowing that Adrializ Acevedo was on the ballot at the beginning of the year, she was the rightful replacement for the vacancy.


The Full Student Senate must vote and approve the following Student Senators for the Class of 2020

(her name as posted in application):

Adrializ Acevedo


The approved Class of 2020 Student Senators will be tasked with duties of a Student Senator that is otherwise an elected official of the student body and follows doctrine of Student Senate constitution.

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