Full Senate Meeting 1/26/2017

Roll Call

Called to Order 8:31pm

All Accounted For


Minutes Approved


Lobby Your Senate

Present: President Farley, Dean Jones, Coach Raya, Professor Wells, Professor Spalding, Jovanna Chavez.


President Farley and the working team is present in regards to the response to the Senate’s Sanctuary Campus Resolution. Central piece of resolution to name Illinois College a sanctuary campus, but the working team has opted to not declare sanctuary status. This is because the same safeguards are already guaranteed under the status as a “sensitive vocation” as outlined by ICE.


There are multiple reasons behind not declaring sanctuary status, namely the most vulnerable students may become more vulnerable under President Trumps’ administration. President Farley outlined the response to the Senate’s Sanctuary Resolution, with all responses “Yes,” and included a form of “as compelled by law”.


President Farley and the working group stretched the importance of knowing that the campus is covered under the “sensitive vocation” and that the “sanctuary campus” title would only harm the most vulnerable students. A “protected location” is any church, school campus, specific events (funerals, weddings), or similar location where people are protected unless there are extenuating circumstances. Those circumstances would require a pre-existing condition and does not include an investigation of who is undocumented on campus.


The working group will continue to monitor the ‘fluid’ situation and will remain in contact with the Student Senate to notify of any changes that may occur.


Dakota Roach came to Lobby Your Senate to inquire about Forte’s budget and request for allocations. She reached out to the Senate in the past and the Finance Committee will take care of the matter.


Executive Board

President Wadkins has appointed Senator Foster as Vice-President in replacemnt of Christian Flores’ resignation. Senator Yantis has been replaced as the Class of 2018 chair. Senator Hoagland has been nominated as the Treasurer and Senator Yantis has been nominated for the Secretary position. Senator Hills has been named the new Finance Committee Chairman. The new Exec Board positions were approved by the Senate unanimously.

Vice-President Foster welcomed everyone back and offered everyone to help new Senators out and to facilitate a smooth transition.
Committee Chairs

Senator A. Phillips has been in contact with Patrick Brown to fix lights and technology within the location. A resolution will be on the floor soon to approve expenses.

Senator Hoagland the Finance Committee met to finalize the form to send out to the various student organizations and want to meet with the newly approved ones to help them understand the process of allocations.
Class Chairs

Senator Lenth The class has not met but they have approved two new senators: Nathaniel Groh and Kayla Matthews.

Senator Yantis has picked three new Senators to fill vacancies in his class. A social and service project will hopefully be planned this semester.

Senator H. Phillips the Class of 2019 has met and approved two new Senators: Andrea McCombs and Zane Hilton.

Senator Torres the Class of 2020 met and approved a new Senator Adrializ Acevedo.

Dean Carlson welcomed everyone back and encouraged everyone to sign up for the True Blue Institute and the Siblings Overnight Weekend. There will be a reunion for First-Year seminars from last semester. A new counselor in Templeton and special needs position has been filled as well.

Professor Adams has message from Dean Porter about streamlining the Honor Board because of the void that was left last semester. He will submit a proposal that is “almost ready” and would revamp the composure of the Honor Board.



Old Business:

Constitutional Amendment Resolution 16-14 will be brought to a vote. It will be approved before the new Senators are voted in because of the requirement. Vice-President Foster motioned for a vote, Senator Yantis seconded. Senate Resolution 16-14 passed unanimously.

New Business:

Senator Lenth outlined SR 16-17 which replaces two Senators with Nathaniel Groh and Kayla Matthews, the only applicants for the position. Senator Lenth friendly amended for grammatical errors. Senator Peecher motioned for approval, Senator Yantis seconded. Approved unanimously.

Senator Yantis outlined SR 16-18 approving three new Senators. Senator Hills motioned for approval, Senator Peecher seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Senator H. Phillips outlined SR 16-19 approving two new Senators to vill vacancies. An application was sent out and interview was held for 6 candidates and landed on their 2 Senators. Senator Palmer motioned to approve, Senator Hoagland seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Senator Torres outlined SR 16-20 approving one Senator to fill a vacancy for Senator Whitlow. The class met and decided on a new class Senator. Senator Saylor motioned to approve, Senator Pantier seconded.

The eight new Senators took the Oath of Office and officially became members of the Illinois College Student Senate.


Vice-President Foster motioned to adjourn, Senator Pantier seconded.


Adjourned 9:38 PM.


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