SR 16-16 – Funding for All-Gender Restrooms

December 8, 2016

Senator Austin Phillips


WHEREAS: Under recent circumstances, a single, public, all-gender restroom will be implemented over Winter break. The location will be the ‘men’ restroom in the 100 level of Kirby by the rotunda.

WHEREAS: Provost O’Connell as well as facilities may need help in funding the restroom design.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Student Senate will cover no more than 75% of the overall costs pertaining to the redesign of the all-gender restroom(s). In keeping consideration of negotiation for additional all-gender restrooms, the goal of no more than 50% coverage of the restroom(s) redesign will be rendered an achievement with the administration.

RESOLVED: Ultimately the Illinois College administration will be tasked with the redesign of the restroom(s) as soon as the start of winter break 2016/17.

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