SR 16-14 – Amendment to the Constitution

December 8, 2016

WHEREAS: The current constitution does not adequately address the procedure and purpose of a resolution,

WHEREAS: The constitutional ad hoc committee was formed to address the inadequacies of the Constitution of the Illinois College Student Senate. The committee voted and agreed to the following changes to the document,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The following changes shall be made to Article IV by the addition of section 6, which reads:

  1.  Resolutions are for the purpose of advocacy and/or action.
  2. All voting members of Student Senate may write and propose a resolution
  3. All resolutions are required to be submitted to the Leadership Council. At the Leadership Council’s discretion, a resolution submitted must be forwarded to any committee.
  4. All new resolutions must be passed by a majority roll call vote.
  5. After passing a resolution, said resolution will become Senate law.
  6. Repealing an old resolution requires two-thirds roll call vote; resolution must specifically repeal previous resolution.
  7. Roll call voting options are as follows:


  • Yea
  • Nay
  • Abstain from voting
  • Abstain from the order of voting



RESOLVED: Upon a two-thirds vote of approval by the Student Senate, these changes shall take effect immediately.

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