Full Senate Meeting Minutes 12/8/2016

Call to Order: 8:14pm


Roll Call

Absences included


Approval of Minutes: unanimous

Approval of Agenda approved


Lobby Your Senate



Executive Board:

President: Exec Board has a meeting Tuesday with IT. They are currently writing a program for campus announcements since IC is one of the only schools that does one campus announcement. IT is also doing a single login site for IC students.  We are losing several officers for next semester, so if senators are interested in applying for a position watch for that announcement.  

Vice President: Vice President Flores has been working with faculty and staff on making IC a sanctuary campus.  

Treasurer: Senator McNamara will update the account before she leaves and if a senator is interested in in being treasurer go talk to her



Class Chairs

2017: Class of 2017 will have a vacancy and will be hosting a pizza party for their class.

2018: Nothing to report

2019: Class of 2019 is working on Christmas card for their class, and they will be meeting next semester to decide on a social

2020: Class of 2020 met on Tuesday and they hope to host an event in the Spring.   


Ad Hoc Committees:

All-Gender Restroom: They have a resolution on the floor for tonight

Constitutional: THey have a resolution on the floor for tonight.


Standing Committees:

Finance committee: The finance committee has been finding inactive accounts from old student organization and has been reclaiming the money for the student allocation fund.  

Student Life Committee: Student Life Committee passed the Sanctuary Campus Resolution through their committee. Student Life will also have a Chartwells meeting Friday at 9am.  

Public Relations: PR is working on getting students to use the app.  Senator Lenth has been working the faculty and staff member of the month. The recipients were Dr. Wells and Joyce Mann.


Student Faculty Liaison: CRC met on the 30th of November.  They reduced the number of hours for several majors and blueprinted several courses.  


Advisor Reports

Dr Adams: Faculty passed the requirements for latin honors. These honors will affect the next incoming class. The new GPA requirements are as follows:

Cumme Laude: 3.7

Magna Cumme Laude: 3.8

Summa Cumme Laude: 3.9

Also, in the faculty meeting, a sanctuary campus resolution was brought forward and passed among faculty.  

Dean Carlson: Dr. Farley had a “town meeting” yesterday. If faculty or staff made under $40,000 their jobs were reviewed and their salaries would be per hour now.  This is now on hold due to legal issues.  MAP Grants were discuess, the school will honor those grants.  The strategy maps is being reviewed by a newly formed committee.  Sustainable Foundations Group was discussed and the roles of the different committees. Architectures were on campus to look at Crispin.  The building will be ready to go Fall of 2018 if everything goes according to plan.    



Old Business:

Senator Yantis withdraws his resolution about campus announcements.  Vice President Flores believes the listen-in was a success.

For next semester Vice President Flores would like senators to keep in mind what they learned during the listen-in. He encourages us to continue improving diversity and inclusion on campus.    


New Business:

SR 16-14: This amendment will be creating a new section under article IV of the Illinois College Constitution.  This amendment will be voted on at the next full senate meeting.

SR 16-15: This resolution is supporting the decision for IC to become a sanctuary campus.  Senator McNamara moves to approve the resolution, Senator Foster seconds.  Senator Phillips, Austin moves to make an addition to the resolution referring to the faculty senate resolution, Senator Pecher seconds. Unanimously approved.

SR 16-16:  This resolution is supporting the funding of an all-gender restroom on the first floor of Kirby.  The restroom that would be converted is the men’s’ restroom.  Senator McNamara moves to vote and approve, Senator Foster seconds.  Unanimously approved


Adjournment: Senator Pantier moves to adjourn, Senator Cadet seconds.  


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