Leadership Meeting Minutes 12/6/2016

Absences: Senator Conway


Guest: IT




IT Report

  • Sign website log is will be ready for Spring Semester. Login.ic.edu will be the site.
  • Campus Announcements: They will be sending out single announcements until it is fixed. Students can still view campus announcements on the app. More people have access to the all student email.  
  • IT Visitation: IC’s IT group will be traveling to Notre Dame to learn about their system.  
  • WiFi: There is a hospitality hotspot that IT is looking at getting for the college and some other updates to improve WiFi
  • The Student Senate also discussed with IT about technology and the new classrooms in Kirby



  • Sanctuary Campus: Faculty passed the resolution. Student Senate’s resolution has also passed committee and will be voted on by the full senate Thursday.
  • Provost O’Connell has not responded about the All-Gender Restroom allocations. The resolution has been written and passed for the full senate to vote on.

Finance Committee

  • Senator Hoagland received an email about more dead organizations.  There are three organizations that are being looked at: French, History, and Sociology club.  $2,200 is between these organizations.  


  • Three or four resolutions will be present for Thursday’s meeting.  
  • We will also will be celebrating the end of the semester.  


Dr Adams

  • Faculty passed a resolution to raise the standard for latin graduation honors. Going into effect with new first years for next year.  The Latin Graduation Standards are as follows:
    • Cumme Laude: 3.7 GPA
    • Magna Cumme Laude: 3.8 GPA
    • Summa Cumme Laude: 3.9 GPA


Semester Update

Finance Committee: Senator Hoagland split up work among senators, went through the bylaws, has been ccing advisors, and he is working on a binder.  He is also working on making sure each organization has allocations and he has been updating officers on their allocations. Senator Hoagland would like to work on organization, and including exec board for emails.  


PR Committee: The website was a big advancement for student senate.  Social media posts has declined because members are getting busy.  PR hopes to work with the Rambler next semester. The Newsletter was being read but senators were not contributing.  This newsletter will hopefully come up next semester. PR can improve on getting personal with the students.  Faculty/Staff Member of the month was picked up by a member of the committee.  Vice President Flores recommends working on follow through.


Student Life: Senator Donayre would like to work on meeting with more people on campus besides Reslife and Food Services.  She is currently working on bringing a new news source to campus.  Karina would like to work on delegating more work to members of the committee.  Attendance has been an issue with student life committee.  She reminds the senators to meet but the attendance is still very poor.  Senator Donayre would also like to work on follow up.   



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