Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/29/2016



President’s Announcements


  • All Gender-Restroom Committee
    • President Wadkins suggests the All-Gender Restroom Committee writes a flexible resolution that would allocate a large amount to the project but the remaining amount will return to the Student Activities Fund.  
  • Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee
    • This committee will probably have a constitutional amendment for the next meeting, but this would mean the next full senate meeting needs to stay long and not shortened for the retreat
  • Shirts
    • There has been no update
  • End of the year party
    • The office still needs to be set up, before the party, and once it is together the event can be held
  • Printers
    • The Senate Printers are hooked up, for senators to use.     


  • The attendance policy needs to be reevaluated.


Committee Reports

  • PR
    • They will be looking into the shirts
  • Finance  
    • Nothing new
    • Leilani is drafting up a document for organizations to sign saying they will follow our bylaws since they are required to.
  • Student Life
    • Student Life’s next meeting is next Thursday
  • Special Events
    • They are working up setting up the office for our end of the year party.  


Advisor Reports

Dean Carlson: The Student Senate might want to look at the yearbook.  Also she is writing a report for faculty and if we would like to say something we need to email Dean Carlson.

Dr. Adams: The faculty are looking at the honors and raising the standards, so students will need higher GPAs. Across campus, faculty are discussing the idea of Illinois College becoming a sanctuary campus. On Monday there was a meeting with faculty and some students to discuss the idea and coordinating actions. The faculty senate has passed a resolution that will be presented at the next faculty meeting.  Rambler articles, petitions, and public awareness campaigns are being discussed.  The student senate and faculty senate’s resolutions will be addressed around the same time.     


Sanctuary Campus  

  • Currently Nuestra Casa is looking towards legal help and emotional help.  They find this a very important issue because it is not a DACA issue but a hispanic issue. Also, Illinois College is currently recruiting DACA students, and if the school wants to continue recruiting they need to say they will protect the student.   


President Farley

  • The Student Senate has been looking at advising the campus to become a Sanctuary Campus.
  • President Farley does not have an update on the All-Gender Restroom, but she will contact Provost O’Connell and Tim Weiss.  
  • President Farley is going to follow up with Leslie DeFrates on parking.  
  • College has found a new book provider, so everything has been set up for next semester.
  • The board has approved President Farley to move forward to update Crispin and Crampton. Certain departments, like psychology are being moved to Crispin so they are being questioned on what they need for their learning environment. Crampton is being renovated for academic programs and the registrar office, which would be handicapped accessible.    
  • Memorial Hall was closed down due to the expense.  APO will continue to be in Memorial Gym, but the building will not be heated. Currently the board is looking at what the role of Memorial Gym will be in the future, because renovations cannot be made to a building that does not have a purpose.  
  • President Farley will be looking at having a Student Senator present at the Board of Trustees meeting in February.


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