Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/21/2016





Senator Conway: Working on pizza party


Senator Hoagland: Talked with Lori Nave about student activities who have gone inactive.  Senator Hoagland emailed the advisors warning them of the removal of funds. $3618.91 was returned to the student activities account.


Senator Phillips, Austin: They are currently working with IT to get IT Tips up and running.  


Senator Donayre: Talked about the Chartwells meeting and they they discussed the Listen-in.  Senator Donayre’s committing is hoping to arrange something with Chartwells to have the cafe open early during finals.  Poll results in for 4-meal swipe.


Treasurer McNamara: Nothing to report


Secretary Foster:  Sign the key waiver


New Business

Accountability reports: These were given back from the beginning of the year and leadership is tasked to make a written statement to address the tasked established previously in the year at the retreat. Have reports in by last leadership meeting. Ideally on Sunday December 4th.


All-Gender Restroom: President Wadkins is trying to set up a meeting with Provost O’Connell so the amount can be set and renovations can be carried out over semester break.  President Wadkins will be emailing the Provost about estimated costs for the renovation so a resolution can be written and voted on by the next meeting.


Sanctuary Campus: Some faculty have been writing a resolution for the Faculty Senate to make the campus a sanctuary campus.  This is for assuming the worse, but the campus would protect the students if they are undocumented. There will be a meeting to invited people to be a part of the efforts on Monday during convo hour in the Crispin lecture hall.  There is a draft written, but this will be stronger if it comes more people such as alumni and donors.  If Student Senate is interested in writing their own resolution they can. The idea is to protect the students, if someone wishes to search the campus they administration would say no.   


Listen-in: The listen-in would start at 7:30pm and last 9:00pm.  This will be a short notice event, but senators will be mandatory to attend.  Exceptions to miss will include work since it is short notice.  All organizations will be sending their executive board.  The six topics discussed will include academics, reslife and health service, student activities and athletics, religious life, jacksonville as a community, and food services.  Senators will not respond and they can not encourage that these problems will be addressed since it is difficult to address some of these issues.  We will be working as a big group to small group to big group. There will also be pizza.    

Rules to send to Senators:

  1. Not a time for confrontation, keep discussion civil
  2. No cellphones or laptops
  3. Senators take notes
  4. This is our time to listen




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