Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/15/2016



Attendance Include:

  • Patrick Brown, Alex, Mark (IT)
  • Joseph Conway
  • Austin Phillips
  • Hoaby Hoagland
  • Karina Donayre
  • Quinn Wadkins
  • Allie McNamara
  • Christian Flores

IT Updates

  • Single Sign on Portal
    • One site, that you log onto, and it has buttons that will take you to the site you need.
  • Outdoor Wireless
    • Replaced antennas on access points such as Caine and near the football and baseball field. All of these will hopefully be replaced by Winter Break and this will help with coverage across campus.   
  • Wifi bug
    • There was a problem with an access point when students returned from fall break, but that has been resolved.  
  • IC students need to be informed that IT can hook up their smarttv for them they just need to contact them.


New Business


  • A weekly announcement made by Senate PR from IT.

Campus Announcements

  • Campus Announcements have not been consistent.  
    • The recommendation is to switch to a single group. So everyone gets the single digest at the same time.  
    • Currently the campus announcement is divided by class, so everyone receives the campus announcement at a different time.  
    • We can either advertise students to change their group or use the app.


Vending Machines

  • Vending machines that would dispense toothbrush, toothpaste, phone charger, and headphones…..etc…

Resolution on Campus Announcements

  • Austin will be writing a resolution on the campus announcements


  • Listen-in: The general feeling is they really want to do it but due to the election is should be moved to after Thanksgiving Break.   
  • Listen-in event will be close to November 29th
  • Chairs have to talk about committees about this event.  

Holiday Meal

  • Canceled



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