SR 16-12 – Statement on Campus Announcements

November 10th, 2016
Senator Noah Yantis

WHEREAS: The Campus Announcement system that is used by Illinois College is a digest delivery method, which compiles all emails sent to into a single email that is dispersed to all students, faculty, and staff at Illinois College. This system is a result of Student Senate deliberations with the Information Technology department two legislative sessions ago, lead by Senator Yantis, that resulted in a switch from an individual delivery method to a digest delivery.

WHEREAS: The digest method of delivery is not consistent and has therefore resulted in confusion of time and location of campus events, convos, and student organization meetings. Although the main concern of the individual delivery system was the sometimes overwhelming and often annoying “blast” of emails that would occur daily. However, it is more important for students to receive too many emails, than to never receive one.

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED: Information Technology will be contacted about the possibility of changing the Campus Announcement “digest” system to the old system of individual e-mails. This reversion to the old individual system will have the aim of increasing awareness of campus events as well as student organization meetings.

RESOLVED: The Public Relations committee of Student Senate will meet with Patrick Brown and Marc Benner to address this problem and to begin the steps of switching the “digest” system to an individual method of delivery. These meetings will have the aim of switching the system to the old system by the start of spring semester.  

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