Full Senate Meeting Minutes 11/10/2016

Call to Order: 8:04pm

Roll Call

Absences include Senator Conway and Dean Carlson


Senator McNamara moves to approve the agenda, Senator Yantis seconds; approved



Executive Board:

President:  After the Farley Forum the attendance policy will be more strict so send in excuses by noon the day of the event.  We will be having our first retreat today in the Lincoln classrooms.  Provost O’Connell and President Wadkins met to discuss the all-gender bathroom. Current costs are around $14,000, Senate will most likely pay around $7,000.  If approved, renovations will be made over the break


Lobby Your Senate



New Business:

Constitutional AdHoc Committee

A Constitutional AdHoc Committee will be made to address issues within our current constitution.  Changes to the constitution are serious so this committee needs to take their job seriously. Meeting will be after leadership meeting on alternating Tuesdays. These meetings will start Tuesday, November 14th.   Senator Yantis moves to approve the constitutional AdHoc committee, Senator Hills seconds. Approved


Senator Yantis ‘18

Senator Pantier ‘17

Senator Hoagland ‘19

Senator Phillips ‘19

Senator Hills ‘18

Senator Appiahkuppi ‘20

Senator McNamara ‘18

Senator Foster ‘18


Letter to the Editor

The Rambler wrote an article about Student Senate and President Wadkins would like to respond to the editor. Senators are expected to edit the document and President Wadkins would like to send in the letter by Wednesday at 8pm. Senator Yantis moves to approve the letter to The Rambler, Senator Lenth seconds;  Unanimous.


SR 16-11 Campus Announcements

This resolution is looking at taking the campus announcement back to the original system where students receive individual email since it is better for students to receive the email then not al all. Vice President Flores moves to table, Senator McNamara seconds; Approved.


SR 16-12: Integrity Board  

Students were picked to serve on the integrity board for the 2016-2017 school year. Vice President Flores moves to approve, Senator Cadet Seconds; Unanimous


SR 16-13: Thanksgiving Break Allocation

This resolution would like to allocate $300 for Thanksgiving programing for students who stay on campus. Residential Life will be reimbursed with this money. Senator Torres moves to approve, Senator Pantier seconds; Unanimous


Adjournment: Senator Whitlow moves to approve, Senator Pantier seconds; Approved




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