Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/9/2016



Old Business

  • Chartwells survey continues till Friday, Karina is sending the results Saturday to Tim Weiss.   
  • Residential Life needs $300 for programing over thanksgiving


New Business

  • In service is on Thursday, first half will be a quick business meeting.  During the business meeting we will discuss resolutions and the new Constitutional AdHoc committee, and the letter to the editor.  Reports will not occur.  
  • Farley Forum was not successful and senators were not present
  • Attendance needs to be addressed
  • All-Gender Restroom-There will only be one of the two changed and the cost will be around $7,000 for another toilet it will be $14,500.  The committee will need to run a poll to get the students opinion.  The poll needs to be approved by DMC.  
  • Listen-in: not everyone on Senate is on board with this idea because we are not a very diverse body; how will relate and will it be uncomfortable for the minorities.  
    • We need to talk to Joyce.  
  • Campus Announcements are a problem there will be a resolution about them.  



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