Leadership Meeting Minutes 11/1/2016



Attendance: Everyone Present



  • Farley Forum in next Monday, Nov. 7, at 7:30pm in Kirby 6
    • Facebook Announcements need to be sent out
    • Parking, Textbook, Chartwells, All gender restroom are some of the topics that might come up


President Farley

  • The school is close to picking a new vendor for textbooks
  • Student Senate representative on the Board of Trustees
    • We are looking to find our role and voice within the campus community and one of the ways we can do this is having a seat on the Board of Trustees.  
  • Student Senate is also looking at being involved with major contracts such as food contracts
    • The idea we are looking at is shared governance.  
  • Parking
    • Jeffrey Reagan is coming to Student Life Committee to talk about this issue, but President Wadkins and Senator Donayre will update President Farley about how the meeting went and what the concerns of the students are.
  • All-Gender Restroom
    • Student Senate has passed on a resolution to change the kirby bathrooms on the first floor to all-gender
      • The cabinet is talking about it currently.  
      • Facilities management is looking at the cost and seeing what it will take to make these changes.  There will be some shared costs with the Student Senate.  
      • It is unlikely that new bathrooms will be put in buildings with single bathrooms to allow 3 choices at this point.  
      • Crispin is being renovated and that is a building that is being looked at.  
  • Farley Forum
    • Chartwells 4 swipe policy, and the inspection
    • The partnership with the Student Senate and administration
    • Listen-in with the minority groups
    • Student Senate will also be having an in-service on the off weeks.  
    • Sustainable foundations task force
    • Scholarships in the fine arts department
    • What does the Student Senate have as goals?
      • We have a strong line of communication with the administration but we lost the student.
      • We are trying to change the culture of the student senate
        • Empower, Enrich, and Engage
    • Board of Trustees Meetings
      • October board meeting is one of the bigger meetings of the year.
      • We have 3 new board members this year.
      • Sustainable Foundations Task Force
        • Capital campaign
        • The Board gave permission for the renovation of Crispin to be explored and the findings can be brought up in February.  
        • Board Governance: Taking 15 committees down to 6, and discussion of a new Board Chair.
        • College received a clean audit
        • Student affairs issues were discussed with Dean Carlson
        • Retention and admission was discussed and also changes with FASFA
        • Approved December graduates


President Wadkins

  • House warming party in the new space with organization presidents
    • Refreshments during exam time maybe
  • We need to work on our letter to The Ramler


Dean Carlson

  • TIm Weiss has looked the the readership program and wants it to be cheaper
  • Faculty meeting was yesterday and there were a lot of questions about the sustainable foundations and faculty governance was discussed
  • There was a meeting today that talked about Ashley Childs and Jessica Doaks salaries. Their salaries are per hour and they can only work 40 hours per week. The concern is what impact will this have since more people will have to take on tasks.

Professor Adams

  • During the faculty meeting faculty was trying to ensure that the governance structure is being upheld.


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