Full Senate Meeting 10/28/2016

Call to Order:

Roll Call

Absences included….

Approval of Minutes: Approved

Lobby Your Senate


Executive Board: Friday and Saturday went to the SGA conference in Chicago. Learned a lot, will be passing it on to the rest of the senate over the remainder of the semester and also next semester.

President: Leditor in the Rambler Article was not positive, but there are things that the Senate can work on the were brought up.  We will be sending a response to show what the Senate actually does and will be a positive response to the Leditor.

Vice President: We will be having retreats during the off weeks of full Senate, everyone is expected to be at them.  They will start at 8pm.  Lunch with the trustees went very well.  Student Senate needs to understand what our role is at the table and we are involved in shared governance.  Senator Flores will go to a President’s Cabinet meeting to make more of these demands clear for shared governance.  Email Senator Flores with any ideas that the Senate should be consulted on before policy is changed.  Also, there is work being done to conduct a “listen in.”  Possible date by November 17th. Make sure that the objective of the listen in is clear on the invitation so students know what to do.

Treasurer: Student Senate Budget is at  $ 8,024.47

Secretary: Absent


Dean Carlson:Thank the Student Senate leadership that went on the retreat last weekend, they were great representatives for the college.  Department of Labor – Fair Labor Standards Act goes into effect later this month.  There is a threshold for a salary now, and jobs under these salaries will be converted to per hour jobs.  These jobs will have to now work 40 hours a week.  Some salaries were adjusted to compensate for this, but some jobs will have to change and these positions must be strict about their hours.  The college will adjust to this over the next few months.  

Dr. Adams: This past week, the Trustee’s were here.  At the meeting with the Faculty and the Trustee’s there was a lot of positivity, but there are still lingering concerns about the budget of the college. Each department has been compiling reports and making a case for their budgets and the value of their departments to Illinois College.  The Faculty is trying to make the most out of opportunities for students, so show support to the faculty members during this stressful time.

Finance committee: Reviewing Finance Bylaws, checking the accounts of inactive accounts to ensure money is being well spent.  Will be emailing Lori Nave to follow up on these inactive accounts.

Student Life Committee: The 4 meal swipe poll is done, meeting with Tim Weiss to make some final changes before sending it out.  Working on parking, will be meeting with Jeffrey Reagan.

Special Events: Thanks to Senator Palmer for the BLUEprint meetings; Maysoon Zayid Convocation on Monday; Pizza party housewarming event for Senators and the new office; November 7-11th is Sexual Assault Awareness, sign up for Nov. 6th to decorate Caine; Farley Forum at 7:30 on Nov. 7th;

Public Relations: Working on advertising events for other organizations; Faculty and Staff member of the month is getting started, share it on Facebook and vote ends 10/29/216; Let Senator Phillips know if you want something on the website

2017: Senior Gift coming along; service event opportunity coming up

2018: Have not met, in the process of designing t shirts

2019: May do a finals event to increase morale; 20s themed Spring Social; May have a candy cane event in Caine in December in which students will write concerns on slips of paper.

2020: Basic problems heard on campus, talked about the Grill’s pricing being too high and also about the 4 meal swipes; talked about what to do with the class fund’s, perhaps an ice cream social.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Integrity Board: 11 applications, deadline is 10/31/16.  

Office Move Committee: Table is complete; maybe one or two meetings left;

BLUEprint Committee: Event went very well, the committee is ready to be dissolved, but an informal event in the Spring would be necessary.  

All Gender Restrooms: Didn’t meet since last meeting, waiting for a response from President Farley.

Student Faculty Committee Liaison: RAC and CRC met, RAC is concerned with the Library budget “dwindling.” Librarians teaching 12 credit hours can get professional development funds, otherwise the Library will provide funds.  CRC met yesterday, it was a short meeting for them, three BLUEprint applications, all three were rejected.  Department name change coming soon.  


Old Business: see ad-hoc committee reports; Move to vote to disband BLUEprint committee by Senator Foster, Seconded by Senator McNamara → unanimous approval to disband

New Business: New committee being made for a Training Committee.  Senators must be here by 8:00PM every meeting now.  

Chaired by Senator Flores and Senator Donyare.  President Wadkins, Senator Conway, Senator Foster, Senator Pecher, Senator Saylor, Senator Yantis.

Adjournment: Move to adjourn by Senator Foster, Senator Yantis Second, unanimous vote to adjourn.  

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