Leadership Minutes 10/25/2016


Committee Reports

Student Life:

  • This committee did not meet last week and will be meeting time has been moved to Thursday at 4:15pm.  
  • Tim Weiss pole is ready, but it will be sent to Tim for clarification.  Ask Helen if textbooks can be purchased.

Special Events:

Upcoming Events:

  • Blueprint Meeting at 8:30pm in Baxter 100.  
  • Farley Forum is November 7th in Kirby 6 at 7:30pm
  • Sexual Assault Awareness decorating on November 6th


  • Website is being advertised on Facebook and Facebook issues have been resolved.  
  • Newsletter will be monthly
  • Reach out to student organizations for Senate to promote on our social media pages


  • Met last Wednesday, off weeks of senate Wednesdays at 10am
  • If a group has been inactive for 3 consecutive semesters we can withdraw the money out of the account. Looking at four organizations that have been inactive


  • Professor Adams: nothing to report
    • Question: Have scholarship are being cut for the fine arts?–It probably will be addressed but there is no news through the faculty yet.  Sustainable Foundations Group has asked all departments to report about their departments, these were due last Friday, so these scholarships cuts are not apart of this group.  
  • Dean Carlson: Karen Homolka said there is no longer a Student Life committee.  There will be a committee that reviews clubs for approval now.  Student Senate Treasurer will be the student representatives.  

President Wadkins

  • Some of the leadership council attended a conference Friday and Saturday.  President Wadkins would like to plan a retreat to share this knowledge with the rest of the student body.  
  • We are creating a training committee to plan retreats and training committee. The retreat will be Nov 3 and 17.  

Treasurer McNamara

  • Last year, students can stay on campus if they live more than 500 miles away during breaks. Residential Life wants to know if we could fund this since the funding was cut.  Student Senate should advocate for this concern, we will not be able to fund the staff who stay on the campus but we can look at funding the program.


  • The student newspaper wrote an article claiming that we are not legitimate so we need to respond in a nice way.
  • A senator was quoted in the newspaper disrespecting the Senate so we need to address this.  

Vice President Flores

  • VP Flores would like to have a sit down with President Farley and the cabinet to define our role.  A lot of contracts affect students that we are not involved with so we want to be involved with that role.  
  • VP Flores would also like to meet in the diversity center with students of diversity and listen to them to understand their struggles.  
    • Dean Carlson would like us to expand that to more diversity such as diversity of religion and political affiliation.  
    • Christian will begin scheduling that and it will be a required meeting for all senators


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