Full Senate Meeting Minutes 10/13/2016

Call to Order:


Roll Call

Absences included….


Approval of Minutes:


President Farley

  • Will address the book fee, the Chartwells health department score, and the parking

Book Policy:

  • Rafter’s last day was previous Friday
    • The transition should be seamless
    • Will be another provider for the Spring, before classes start
    • The policy will have same distribution as past year and a half, working with prospective vendors, this process is already going quickly
    • Tim Weiss – Has already spoken to two companies, one more will be evaluated on Monday.  Senior team will be responsible for choosing the new vendor, but the policy should remain primarily the same. Will give current inventory to new vendor to use; procedural differences will incur, but there should be no interruption
  • Senator Flores asked about price – President Farley said there will be no change in the price this Spring
  • Senator Lenth asked why Rafter ended the contract – Mr. Weiss said that the company ran out of capital
  • Senator Donarye asked if we get to keep the books – Mr. Weiss said that the procedure would be the same, but price for buy back is unknown
  • Senator Pantier asked about the books being a property of the bank – Students will get to keep the books until semester ends
  • Senator A. Phillips asked for a date for a final decision – Mr. Weiss said this could not be confirmed, must know in 3 weeks in order to get books for Spring
  • President Wadkins asked if Rafter closing was known by college – it was not
  • Senator Yantis asked about the vendors being considered – not able to disclose
  • Senator Donarye asked if students would be included in these business decisions – President Farley said that since this is a business decision, there is not quite a role for students to evaluate a business model.  
  • President Farley says the bottom line is to find a provider that will get books into the hands of every student
  • Senator Percher asked about business models – Mr. Weiss explained rental program IC has, buying and renting program, and President Farley talked about contractual factors.


Chartwells Inspection

  • President Farley said it was a bad score, the admin is livid, and this is being taken very seriously – Mr. Weiss instantly responded to this problem.  
  • Mr. Weiss – Has worked a lot with Chartwells in his career and said that Chartwells has not received a score lower than 90 in years, this is the first in many.  Does reports on food, service, atmosphere randomly at Chartwells.  His goal is to see this through and address the problem.  The whole Chartwells staff will be addressed by corporate, and there will be a reevaluation of Chartwells next Tuesday.  The board knows about this score, and the problem will be remedied.  Chartwells has a plan to make sure this will not happen again, Mr. Weiss expects 100%.  This score was only for the cafeteria.
  • Senator Shereda asked about the exact score of Cummings and what the issues were – received a 73 score.  Cummings had two critical problems: Drink on the cooking line without a lid, the soup was at the wrong temperature in the soup well;
  • Senator Carter asked what would have happened if a score below 70 was given – Mr. Weiss said that Cummings would have had to close down
  • Mr. Weiss said 6 corporate members will be visiting to evaluate student opinion – he encourages all students to attend and to be honest
  • Senator Flores said his main concern was that all of the kitchen supplies was dirty – Mr. Weiss said he could not speak to that, he will ask Mr. Werts about this.  Mr. Weiss said that a deep clean will be happening over fall break.
  • Senator Pantier asked what if this happens again – Mr. Weiss says that will not happen, and that it will be addressed if the time comes.
  • President Farley says that they have Chartwells attention on this.
  • Senator Lenth asked about the 4 meal swipe policy – Mr. Weiss said that there is a poll being conducted by the Student Life committee to see if this is an overwhelming problem on campus; the goal of this policy was to ensure that students will be fed throughout the semester.
  • Senator Percher suggested that there should be a warning about running out of meal swipes while buying meal plans so that students know how to budget their meals – Seconded by Senator Villagomez – Mr. Weiss points out that you still have full capability to use all of your meals.
  • Senator McNamara mentioned that we are complaining about people not being able to budget their meals but also complaining that they have too many meals at the end – another budgeting problem
  • Senator Villagomez said that there should be a suggestion of how many meals should be used while selecting a meal plan – this is already done
  • Senator Shereda asked about restructuring next semester – Mr. Weiss says that contracts are yearly and amendments are usually made during the summer time

Parking on Campus

  • President Wadkins brings up the Mundinger lot and the college apartment parking lot street parking and crossing the street.  When pulling out of both of the parking lots it is hazardous because the street parking blocks the vision going down both sides of the streets.
  • President Farley said that it would be smart to email Leslie Defrates, who is overseeing Public Safety, about these issues
  • Senator Percher brings up the problems of keying cars and asks about Cameras in the parking lots – President Farley said that this is something she will look into

All Gender Restrooms

  • Senator Hills asked if President Farley has looked into the issues surrounding All Gender Restrooms
  • President Farley said this is not something that has made it to her yet, and there has not been a formal resolution put into her hand quite yet.  


Lobby Your Senate




Executive Board: Senator Flores – leadership is working on a poll to gauge discontent/content with the 4 meal swipe policy; working on building office furniture and finishing the move; decided to move pictures to next meeting; got confirmation that President Farley will be attending 4 other meetings; President Wadkins will be sending the resolution about All Gender Restrooms in Kirby to President Farley as soon as possible, before the trustees arrive; also discussed moving Farley Forum to sooner date;

President: see exec report

Vice President: see exec report

Treasurer: Nothing to report

Secretary: absent


Finance committee: Senator Hoagland reports that there is a resolution for another allocation, brought up by Senator Hills; slowing down as a committee, we will be combing through bylaws to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Student Life Committee: Senator Donayre reports to put up the concern envelopes up so concerns will be met, and direct it to respective committee chairs; working on poll about 4 meal swipe; parking, will meet with Jeffrey Reagan; Chartwells meeting with staff members to meet concerns tomorrow at 9am in Trustee Room; working on Integrity Board applications;

Special Events: Will try to move up Farley Forum. Need volunteers to show up for 6th of November in Caine. Blueprint will have their meeting next week.

Public Relations: Senator A. Phillips: The website is up to date, we will get an actual domain name.  There is a poll section on the website if any polls are to be conducted in the future. Senator Lenth added that the Faculty and Staff member of the month will be voted on and recognized every month.  Located on the website and shared on social media. Dean Carlson will send out emails to all students to nominate faculty and staff; check email more often and please respond to emails for information.


Class Chairs:

2017 More than 30% participation with the gifts at their kick off event.

Complaints from students: Students get charged $60 for yearbooks whether or not they pick up their yearbooks from Caine. The coffee shop during morning hours is very long. Class of 2017 want to make it more efficient. Service project with Salvation Army coming up soon for class of 2017.

2018: Want a service project working with PAWS. Discussed getting T-Shirts.

2019: Need to talk to Cori Wagner about Sophomore year experience. Will start sending out cards to introduce themselves to their class. Will meet soon.

2020: The Freshman parking lot is too far.


Ad Hocs

Thank you to PR committee for posters. Oct. 25th and 26th is the Registration Readiness Committee.


Student Faculty Committee Liaison

Has selected

CRC: Danielle Henderson, Austin Phillips

Convocation: Ann Pham, Christian Flores

College Assessment: Naomi Nieman

RAC: James Hills


All those in favor


No Nays or abstentions



Dean Carlson: We need to assess what we are learning in Student Senate. Passed out assessment surveys to the Senate.

Senator Flores moved to take a 2 minute break to fill out surveys

Senator Hoagland Seconded

Approved unanimously

Dr. Adams: Nothing to report

Senator Flores asked what the Faculty feels about the textbook policy?

Nothing to report.

She will pass on the word about Registration readiness



Old Business:

Office move –

Table was damaged. Two options: 50% refund or ship it back to Staples to get a new one. President Wadkins asked for a motion to vote and approve

Senator Villagomez moved to vote and approve to keep the table and get a 50% refund.

Senator Shereda seconded.

Discussion: Senator Hills will not say to get a new table because he has no intentions of helping. President Wadkins said the table is very scratched. Senator Conway said it is very heavy and would rather not have to carry it back down.

Majority Yays

2 Nays: Senator Lenth and Senator Yantis


New Business:

Resolution 16-10: Senate Allocation

Senator Hills explained that November 8th, they will hold the Election Night Watch party, to view live coverage. Senator Yantis said it will start at 8:30 using various networks in the Grill and Dining Hall. Giving away prizes.  This is an election that everyone needs to witness.

Motion by Senator Hoagland to approve

Second by Senator Pecher

Senator Shereda asked if there was the possibility of Convo credit

Senator Yantis and Hills explained that they are not interested in making it a convo.




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