Leadership Minutes 9/21/2016




Joseph Conway

Austin Phillips (arrived late)

Dean Carlson


New Business

  • Tim Weiss and Patrick Brown cannot come during our leadership meetings.  So we should consider moving our meetings to possibly 4:30pm on Tuesday or 9:30am on Wednesday.


  • Try scheduling Tim Weiss and President Farley for a meeting.  


  • Office Move.  The ad hoc committee will be moving the old furniture out, they will need help to move the new furniture up and putting the furniture together.


  • Make sure everyone is publicising the Mike Stud concert and Maysoon Zayid convocation
  • We need to update the constitution, so create an ad hoc committee.


Blueprint Committee Update

  • They have met with Helen Kuhn and are looking at setting dates and fine tuning the process for the presentation.  


Faculty Report

Professor Adams

  • Faculty might be making a resolution in support of the All-gender bathrooms, so that ad hoc committee needs to be in contact with Prof. Adams   
  • Freshmen orientation  
  • Sustainable foundation task force: the faculty has not had the chance to voice their opinions in a public forum, but there has been discussion about changes in the system.  Student Senate should pay attention and be prepared to participate in this discussion.   


Committee Updates

  • Student Life: stay in contact with people across campus
  • PR: Continue to promote our events, the concert and convocation



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