Leadership Minutes 10/4/2016



Attendance: everyone including, guest is Tim Weiss


New Business

Tim Weiss

  • New policy is 4 swipes a day. The main reason this was implemented was because there were some students running out of meals. The goal was to protect the students, not to restrict. This policy was decided before talking to the students, which Weiss does not approve of.   
  • Weiss believes the table tents on the table was nicely done.  
    • Student Senate will sent out a poll and survey students.
  • Tim Weiss will try to remove the 4 swipe limit if the students want it and if it’s possible to change the contract.  The goal is for the limit to be removed for next semester if possible, worst case scenario next year.


President Wadkins

  • Make a tab for Senate Newsletter on the website-PR
  • Senator Donayre will be finding 3 people for the Honor Board
  • Jeffrey Reagan needs to be contacted about the safety-student Life
  • President Farley needs to be invited to a meeting-senator Foster
  • President Farley needs a letter about the all-gender bathroom changes-Senator Phillips
  • Patrick Brown needs to be contacted-Senator Donayre.  
  • The new Senate Conference Room is being put together, but President Wadkins would like to have an open house.  
  • Funding a subscription to another magazine.  


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