Full Senate Minutes 9/29/2016

Call to Order: 8:16pm


Roll Call

Absences included Senator Hampton.  


Lobby Your Senate


Executive Board:

President: Leadership meetings are being moved to Tuesdays at 4:30. The Newsletter needs to be added to the website. The furniture has been purchased for the Senate Conference Room and the furniture has come in for the new conference room.  

Vice President: Senators please respond to emails.

Treasurer: Student activity fund is around $30,000.  The student activity fund will drop since we have some allocations tonight.

Secretary: Senator Foster encourages senators to email her with questions if they have any.  


Committee Reports

Finance committee: Senator Hoagland has a resolution for several allocations.  Finance committee had a meeting on Wednesday morning and the committee members have been divided up to keep in contact with student organizations.

Special Events Committee: The Mike Stud event was on Tuesday. Senator Palmer is planning a BluePrint event on October 25 and 26 at 8:30pm in Baxter.  Senator Conway is starting to contact people on the 5k.  Sexual Assault Awareness Week is 7-11 so we will be decorating on the 6th.  Farley Forum is in the process it will probably happen in late October.

Student Life Committee: Senator Donayre has been planning on meeting with Tim Weiss.  Senator Donayre has brought the Senate complaint envelopes for everyone to put on their doors. Student Life has a meeting with Denny and Joe on the second Friday of every month.  

Public Relations: Senator Phillips, Austin had a boost post yesterday.  The post that was boosted was the Mike Stud concert, this was successful and PR will continue to use this feature.  Senator Phillips is working with Brooke Gronewold on the apparel.


Class Chairs

2017: Senator Lenth has been trying to get the senior Senators to participate in the class gift

2018: Still hasn’t met

2019: Class of 2019 met yesterday and they are working on the Sophomore Experience.  The class of 2019 would like to have everybody on Senate to receive a name tag and have everyone wear the name tag on a specific day to get their name out there.  

2020: Class met on Monday and the class will be meeting with President Wadkins to select a class chair and vice-chair.  


Ad Hoc Committees

BluePrint: The BluePrint event will be October on October 25 and 26 in Baxter at 8:30pm. First-year senators will be required to attend.  Helen Kuhn will be there instructing the sessions.

All-Gender Bathrooms: Senator Phillips, Austin and Senator Hills have a resolution to present tonight. Once this committee has a set time it will be publicized and open to everyone.  

Student Faculty Liaison: Senator Hills has sent out applications through campus announcements for the Student Faculty Committee. The application deadline will be extended.    



Dean Carlson: Dean Carlson spent time with international students.  We have a bigger group than before so she encourages all senators to reach out to them.  Reminder to all senators to make sure you use the tax exempt card because senators will not be reimbursed for that. Dean Carlson discussed the Sustainable Foundations Committee.

Dr. Adams: Dr. Adams asks senators to keep her informed and she is willing to talk to faculty if senators would like her to.  



Old Business: President Wadkins and Dean Carlson went to Staples and the order came in today unexpectedly.  President Wadkins would like more people on the moving committee.  If Senators are free at Sunday at noon they need to come help.  President Wadkins would also like more senators to assemble the furniture for the new senate conference room on Sunday.   

New Business:

SR 16-08 Senate Allocations.  Senator Hoagland wrote this resolution for CEA, CARE, BSU, Spectrum.  CEA would like to bring a speaker; the CARE initiative would like $8,000 for the year so he plans on giving them $500 for this semester; BSU is receiving $4,800 for this semester.  Spectrum is also requesting money and they are increasing their original allocation request.  $7,800 is the total amount being allocated in this resolution.

Senator Conway moves to vote and approve, Senator Hills seconds.  Unanimous

SR 16-09 Kirby All-Gender Restrooms.  This resolution is looking to recommend two restrooms in Kirby become all-gender to President Farley. This resolution would like to change the middle restrooms because they are the most accessible, and Kirby has 6 public restrooms currently so 4 restrooms would still remained gendered.  The only changes to these restrooms would be the signs for right now.  

Senator Pantier moves to approve, Senator Pecher seconds.  Unanimous


An ad hoc committee needs to be formed to send out applications for the integrity board.  Senator Donayre will chair this committee, Senator Phillips, Austin, Senator Torres, and Senator Appiah-kubi will be on the committee.  


Adjournment: Senator Yantis moves to adjourn, Senator Harms seconds.  9:15pm


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