Leadership Minutes 9/28/2016


Absent: Prof. Adams, Dean Carlson


New Business

  • Meetings are being moved to Tuesday’s at 4:30pm
  • Bathroom Adhoc Committee
    •  There is a resolution for Kirby bathrooms.  
    • They will need to meet with facilities and professors
  • Blueprint Adhoc Committee
    • Meeting in Baxter 100 at October 25 & 26 to walk people through the blueprint. Mainly first-years
  • Student-Life
    • Will be talking with Tim Weiss
    • Set up a meeting with Patrick Brown for Oct. 4 at 4:30pm
    • Email Pam Birdsell also.  
    • Envelopes will be passed around at the meeting for each student senator
  • Finance Committee
    • Meeting today
    • Needs the updated student organization account
    • 3 more allocations have come in.
      • Jaxon will be coming for CARE
  • Special Events
    • Mike Stud event was yesterday
    • Blueprint event on October 25 & 26
      • Plan on having first-year senators and ad hoc committee members present
    • Started talking to people about 5K
    • Sexual Assault Awareness week Nov 7-11
      • We are to decorate Nov 6
      • All of senate will be present
    • Farley Forum
      • Probably late October
    • CoSponsor the next presidential debates with the Leadership Program
      • Working towards convo credit
      • We shop for the food
  • PR
    • Posted a paid boost
    • We need to start tshirts
      • Will be bring examples of tshirts




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