Full Senate Minutes 9/15/2016

Call to Order: 8:17pm


Roll Call

Absences included….


Lobby Your Senate

  • All Gender Bathroom Resolution:
    • Students are hoping that this resolution passes because it makes it more accessible for everybody
    • Students appreciate that it’s a slow implementation.
    • Students wanting to increase inclusiveness
    • Students believe this is an educational opportunity and several colleges have already implemented all-gender bathrooms
    • Students, however, are recognizing the problems that could occur, Students want a choice.  
  • 4 meal swipe plan
    • Would like to hear an update, because this is affecting students.  


Senate Orientation

Attendance Policy: Senators must attend all Senate events. If you cannot be there send an email to senateexec@mail.ic.edu by noon the day before the event.  

Meeting Manors: Senators must behave like professionals.  

Resolutions: Are the Student Senate’s bills.  The senator resolution goes through the relevant committee.  If you have an urgent resolution it can be waived by the president.  

Committees: Everyone in a committee will have a responsibility.  There are five standing committees, and Ad Hoc committees are added when needed.  

  • Student Life: This is the committee for student concerns.  
  • Special Events: Create events for the Student Senate and sometimes they are collaborations with other student organizations
  • Finance: Determines budgets and allocation spending.  
  • Public Relations: Promotes Student Senate.
  • Leadership Committee: Exec Board and Committee Chairs sit on this committee. We discuss what happens within committees and leadership rules.   



Executive Board:

President: Student Senate has begun moving offices and prices will be brought up later in the meeting.

Vice President: Vice President Flores has selected Senator Hills as the new Faculty Liaison

Treasurer: Currently we have $159,240 in the student account. Student Senate’s budget is $7,450.56

Secretary: Senator Foster went through the senator Google folder, and reminds every Senator to respond to emails. Also, if Senators are sharing resolutions to allow the document to be edited.  


Committee Reports:

Finance committee: Finance Committee met twice and allocations have been finalized and presented tonight.

Student Life Committee: Student Life has met and discussed the four meal swipe plan and made flyers.  The flyers explain that students can still run out of meals even if they follow the 4 swipe plans.  Student Life has contacted Tim Weiss to have a meeting.  Student Life is also creating Envelopes for each senator to put on their door

Public Relations: The elections process went well, and IT was not involved student senate created the survey.  In their meeting they delegated tasks and put out a newsletter.  

Special Events: Student Senate had their first inhouse event.  Senate will be working the Mike Stud concert so we need people to sign up to help work.  Senators do not have to pay for a ticket since the senators will be working that.  November 6th Student Senate will be helping decoration Caine.  

Class of 2017: There was a vacancy for the class of 2017, so an application was sent out to the class.  The 2017 senators voted on Senator Pecher to represent the class of 2017.  

Class of 2018: Class of 2018 has not met.

Class of 2019: Class of 2019 met last Wednesday, and talked about how to get involved with the sophomore year experience and what events they should put on.  They are still determining a meeting time, and are thinking about sending out Christmas cards or candy canes.  They also talked about team building.  

Ad Hoc Committee: Senator Phillips, Hailey has been working on planning a date for the move, but furniture has been picked out.  


Dean Carlson: Dean Carlson’s new office is in the CSI.  Dean Carlson advises the senators to be engaged on campus and be aware of what is happening; Senators should be present at campus events.  She also encourages senators to take advantage of the opportunity of being a senator.  

Dr. Adams: Dr. Adams is looking forward to working with senators and hopes to get to know all of the senators.  



Old Business: Working on fixing up the new Senate Conference Room.  The pricing sheet for the new furniture was passed out during the meeting.  The Integrity Board positions will be filled soon.  The Student Faculty Liaison position has been filled by Senator Hills.  

New Business:

First-year senators: Senator Foster moves to vote and approve the first-year senators, Senator Lenth second.  approval.  

SR 16-03: Senator McNamara moves to approve, Senator Conway seconds. approved

SR 16-04: Senator McNamara moves to approve the resolution, Senator Villagomez seconds.  Vice-President Flores moves a friendly amendment to change the resolution from specific bathrooms to overall ten bathrooms on campus, Senator Phillips, Austin and Senator Hills agrees. Approved

SR 16-05:  Senator Lenth moves to approve, Senator Conway seconds. approved

SR 16-06: Senator Pantier moves to approve, Senator Yantis seconds. approved

SR 16-07: Senator Shereda moves to approve, Senator Pantier seconds. Approved

Ad Hoc Committee for BluePrint: Senator Palmer wants this event to be resolution relief. Senator Pecher, Senator Hoagland, Senator Shereda, Senator Carter will serve on the committee with Senator Palmer as chair

Ad Hoc Committee for All Gender Restroom: Senator Harms, Senator Phillips, Hailey, Senator Saylor, Senator Donayre, Senator Shereda, Senator Carter will serve on this committee with Senator Phillips, Austin and Senator Hills Chairing.  


SEnator McNamara moves to adjourn, Senator Pantier seconds.


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