Leadership Minutes 9/14/2016


Absent: Senator Hoagland, Senator Phillips, Professor Adams, Dean Carlson


Presidential Update

  • Moving the senate conference room is going to be a bigger project than originally planned
  • Cookout tonight with Dean Carlson
  • Oct. 1 is the Homecoming Parade, Senator Phillips will be leading this.
  • Upcoming Resolutions
    • Confirmation of Leilani Pecher
    • All-Gender Bathrooms  
    • IC Rides
    • Convocation
    • Allocations


Advisor Reports

  • Dean Carlson: Clarification on IC Rides the amount is $9,950.  Rebecca Spencer is working with the International action team so some of these ideas came from this group.  We can try this, but if we don’t support this then we want to make a note not to do this in the future.  This afternoon, we need to have everything labeled and organized. The Rambler also needs to do the same thing, label everything.  


Committee Reports

Finance Committee (Senator McNamara)

  • 14 organizations have been approved for funding, but some of these organizations have to be approved by CSI.  
  • Total amount so far $169,500 for the year


PR Committee

  • Facebook Page Boosting

Student Life Committee

  • Need to see if Tim Weiss is willing to speak to the students
  • Working on Suggestion Boxes


New Business

  • Student Senate’s budget is around $10,000
  • Renovation cost has gone up to $2,500


  • Upcoming convocation: we want to allocate $7,500 partner with the IC Connection, Sophomore experience, and the Leadership program
  • Student Senate’s surplus needs to have a plan for spending for the next three years.



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