Leadership Minutes 9/7/2016



Meeting with Joe Werts- Food Service Director  

  • Students are upset that they cannot swipe more than four times.  Students would rather have a notification on how many meals they have.  
  • Chartwells does not have the capability to allow students to personally check their meal plans, so students will just have to ask Joe or one of the employees who swipes for your meal.  
  • The four swipe policy was implemented because students were running out of meals, some as early as October, and due to bulk purchasing.  With this negotiation, hours were extended so student could go eat later.   
    • This was a joint effort with res life and dining services.  
  • For students bringing family, Joe could look at adding a system that is separate for family.  
  • With 225 block meal plan, you can still run out of meals even if you follow the 4 swipe plan.  This plan was designed for only around 2 meals a day.  
  • Chartwells has discussed a donation plan but they haven’t found a good way to implement it.  


Set up a meeting with Tim Weiss.  

Set up flyers at dining areas about 4 swipes does not equal 225


President’s Update

  • Start meetings with committees and send dates and times to exec board
  • IC rides resolution    


Committee Reports

Student Life:

  • Student Life has not have a meeting or set a time, but Senator Donayre is hoping to have the meeting this week

Special Events

  • Meetings on Monday at 8pm bi weekly


  • Meetings on Wednesday 10:00am bi weekly. Depending on allocations meetings might be every week until allocations are taken care of.  
  • Most student organizations have sent in allocations


  • Meeting Thursday at 8:30pm biweekly.  We have had 7 senate application turned in for the class of 2020.  PR will be putting out a newsletter soon.  


Faculty Reports

  • Professor Adams

Degendering of bathrooms

  • Apparently Student Senate is pushing forward a resolution on degendering of bathrooms.  The goal of the resolution is for all non-residential restrooms would be non-gendered.  

Degendering Bathrooms

  • James will be presenting a resolution on this and has been going to meet with faculty. So be prepared for this resolution in the future  


Internships on campus

  • A student is concerned with the lack of internships on campus.  
    • Christian will be sending a follow up response.  


Debate competition

  • Not interested in the convo and does not need our founding



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