Full Senate Meeting 9/1/2016

Call to Order: 8:15pm


Roll Call

Absences include Senator Yantis ‘18 and Senator Cadet ‘18.


Approval of Minutes: Senator McNamara moved to approve the minutes.  Senator Hills seconds the motion.


Lobby Your Senate

  • Students, representing the class of 2019-2017, appeared to express their concerns about the new four swipe system implemented by Chartwells.
    • Students are upset about not being informed of this new system.
    • With the new system, students are worried they will not be able to bring guests onto campus and feed them.
    • Students also find the new system inconvenient, especially if they have a busy schedule.
    • Students want the responsiblity of keeping track of their meals with no limitations in place by Chartwells.



Executive Board:

President: President Wadkins discussed the Leadership Retreat.  President Wadkins would like the Senate to work on professionalism during the meetings. Committee Chairs have expectations, set by the Leadership Council, for their committee members.  Committees will be working on delegating tasks to all members.  For the next meeting we will be swearing in six first year senators.

Vice President: Vice-President Flores agrees with President Wadkins on the success of the Leadership Retreat.  Vice-President Flores would like to expand the opportunity of the retreat to all senators.

Treasurer: Senator McNamara shared a report on IC rides. IC Rides is looking at expanding to new opportunities. First are the 30 trips to Walmart with a budget of $1050.  Second are the 12 trips to Springfield with a budget of $1200.  During breaks, the school would like to have charter buses take students to Chicago for a budget of $2,800. Lastly IC rides would like to start rides to Springfield so students can take a train from Springfield, this would have a budget of $2400.  Total budget $7500

Secretary: Nothing to report


Committee Chairs:

Finance committee: Senator Hoagland will be working with the committee as soon as the Student Activities Budget has been set.

Student Life Committee: Senator Donayre will be setting a meeting to Joe for a meeting and encourages anyone interested to attend.

Special Events: So far five students have responded about running for the first-year students. Senator Phillips will be visiting IT so he can get information on the announcements for first-years. Senator Phillips would like all Senators to share the Facebook page.

Public Relations: Senator Conway would like all senators to share and like all social media pages.  Senator Conway would also like a lot of participations from Senators at all Special Events.


Class Chairs

Class of 2017 Chair: Senator Lenth is working on filling their class vacancy

Class of 2018 Chair: Senator Conway will be sharing contact information to his fellow class senators

Class of 2019 Chair: Senator Phillips, Hailey will be working on coordinating events for the sophomore class and working with fellow senators soon.



Dean Carlson: Welcomes all the Senators back to campus.  Her office has been moved to CSI. Dean Carlson went over the new staff on campus and vacancies.

Dr. Adams: Absent



Old Business:

New Business:

  • Student Faculty Liaison
    • This is leadership position on Senate that is suppose to serve as a link between the Student Senate and the Student/Faculty lead committees. If any Senators are interested in that position please contact Vice-President Flores.
  • Ad Hoc Committee for the Integrity Board
    • A case was brought forward last spring and this case needs to be heard with ten days this Fall.  An Ad Hoc committee will be created to work on this case until the official board is formed. The Ad Hoc committee will be represented by Senator Shereda, Senator Pantier, Senator Harms, Senator Conway, and Senator Donayre.
  • IC Rides
    • The Executive Board has approved $150 to help the program until we can vote on a resolution
  • Senate Move
    • The Student Senate Conference Room will be moving to Dean Carlson’s old space and our old space will be occupied by The Rambler and True Blue Radio. President Wadkins is requesting a group of senator to help move the furniture and another group of senators to help pick out new furniture and rearrange the room.
  • SR 16-2 Confirmation Denpota Furugaki
    • Vice-President Flores moves for discussion on the candidate, Senator McNamara seconds.
    • Senator McNamara moves to vote on the candidate, Senator Conway seconds.
      • Unanimous approval of the candidate.

Adjournment: Senator McNamara moved to adjourn, Senator Phillips, Austin seconds.



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