Leadership Minutes 8/31/2016



IC Rides

  • Needs $500
  • Transferring $150 into the account, then prepare a resolution for the next meeting for $6,500. Christian will be writing the resolution


  • This year’s budget will be ready for tomorrow’s meeting

Committee Overview

  • Everyone is okay with the members
  • Christian will be sending the expectations to committee chairs

Debate Team Tournament

  • The debate team would like funding, $5,000, for a tournament, however, they are a department
  • If we were to fund them then it would have to be through other means such as a convocation
  • Contact Nick about more information and if he would consider a convo.  
  • Tableing

Advisor Reports

  • Dean Carlson
    • Walmart Rides: taking students to Walmart. $5000
    • Springfield Rides: Take students to Springfield once a month, $1200
    • Chicago trip: IC provides a ride every Friday and Sunday night that would take students to the train station and pick them up.
      • Suggestion was to reduce this to once a month
    • Break Charters: During breaks, a charter bus would take students up to Chicago. $2800.  
  • Plagiarism case
    • This needs to be addressed within 10 days
    • Adhoc group of 5 senators will be created for this case but forms for the Integrity Board will be sent out.  


  • Chartwells
  • Students are concerned with the limitation of 4 swipes
    • Students are upset because they were not informed
  • This should be discussed with Chartwells


President Report

  • President Wadkins will be having office hours
  • He will have a quick orientation at beginning of meeting
  • Would like Leadership to select a date to move to our new Senate Room
  • We need to pick out a table for the new Senate space  
    • Create an Adhoc committee



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