Student Senate 2016-2017

Welcome! The Student Senate is the governing body of all Illinois College students. We are by the students and for the students. Please do not be afraid to e-mail your Senators or attend a meeting for Lobby Your Senate at every full Senate meeting. Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us.

Your 2016-2017 Senators are:

Executive Board:

  • Quinn Wadkins, President
  • Christian Flores, Vice President
  • Allie McNamara, Treasurer
  • Lexie Foster, Secretary
  • Dean Malinda Carlson, Advisor
  • Dr. Emily Adams, Advisor

Class of 2017:

  • Mesfin Lenth
  • Emily Harms
  • Gian Villagomez
  • Scott Pantier
  • Denpota Furugaki
  • Leilani Pecher

Class of 2018:

  • Noah Yantis
  • Gerald Cadet
  • Allie McNamara
  • Alexis Foster
  • Joseph Conway
  • James Hills

Class of 2019:

  • Austin Phillips
  • Hailey Phillips
  • Brett Palmer
  • Michael Shereda
  • Karina Donayre
  • Ronald E. Hoagland

Class of 2020:

  • McAbraham Appiah-Kubi
  • Maricelis Torres
  • Zackery Whitlow
  • Abygayle Hampton
  • Mercedes Saylor
  • Allen Carter

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