Senate Resolution 15-09: Student Organization Allocations-Chemistry Club

November 12th, 2015
Senator Christian Flores

WHEREAS: Whereas Chemistry club has requested $830 for the following purposes:

$250.00 American Chemical Society Affiliation
$50 per person for 5 chemistry major/minor members.
This endorsement helps students professionally when job searching.

$170.00 T-shirts
Provides t-shirts for approx. 12-15 people, plus shipping/tax.

$100.00 Outreach Programs
Twice per semester, this program allows us to teach young students how fun chemistry is.
We supply straws, pH indicator, dry ice, paper towels, plastic bags, and candy to about 80 children each time we do this.

$150.00 Food
Event One – Chemistry Week
$40.00 for pizza
We promote chemistry on the college campus and show a chemistry themed movie.

Events Two and Three – Program in a Box
$80.00 for pizza ($40.00 each)
Chemistry shows sponsored by American Chemical Society, open for students. Typically held once a semester.

Event Four – Andy Stice Appreciation Day
$30.00 for cake, napkins, plates, etc.
A joint celebration of Parker’s beloved lab manager, in collaboration with Parker after Dark (Biology Club).

$100.00 Gas
Budgeted for transportation to chemistry conferences, Outreach programs, and field trips

$30.00 Fundraising Supplies
Rocky Candy Fundraiser: sugar, wooden skewers, plastic bags, food dye, flavoring, etc.

$30.00 Promotional Supplies
Involvement Fair(s): candy, supplies for making homemade ice cream (cups, spoons, milk, chocolate syrup, etc.)
Total: $830.00

WHEREAS: Finance Committee decided that $250 for membership in a professional society was not a fair allocation of our Student Activity Fund.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: Student Senate will allocate $580 to Chemistry Club for the rest of their activities.

RESOLVED: Finance Committee Chairman, Christian Flores, will email Lori Nave to transfer the amount into Chemistry Club’s Account


Jovanny Nava Non-voting member
Bradley Franke APPROVE
Allie McNamara APPROVE
Paige Graham APPROVE
Renata Gray APPROVE
Brianna Klein APPROVE
Wade Mathis APPROVE
Alli Perkins APPROVE
Manny Tshimoa APPROVE
Heath Bruce APPROVE
Valerie Escudero absent
Emily Harms APPROVE
Melissa Tallent APPROVE
Fischer Tharp APPROVE
Quinn Wadkins APPROVE
Christian Flores APPROVE
Lexie Foster APPROVE
Justin Ketcham APPROVE
Jerome Thomas APPROVE
Noah Yantis APPROVE
Karina Donayre APPROVE
Ronald Hoagland APPROVE
Brett Palmer APPROVE
Austin Phillips APPROVE
Hailey Phillips APPROVE
Deja Washington absent


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