Senate Resolution 15-06: Readership Program Payment

September 10th, 2015
Senator Allie McNamara

WHEREAS: The Readership Program has been a successful program across campus and is a benefit to all students. Currently, the Student Senate has a budget of up to $5,000 a year for the execution of this program. In years past, that money has come directly out of the Student Senate Agency Account, which has severely limited the budget of the Student Senate since that typically amounts to 50% of its yearly budget.

WHEREAS: The Readership Program may be regarded as a program that is beneficial to all of campus since no student of Illinois College can be excluded from its benefits.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: Student Senate will no longer pay for the Readership Program with money from the Student Senate Agency Account but will instead pay for the Readership Program with money from the Student Activity Fund.

RESOLVED: Upon approval, the Treasurer and President will no longer have to set aside money from the Student Senate Annual Budget for the payment of the Readership Program. Rather all payments for the Readership Program will come from the Student Activity Fund. Whenever a payment is to be made, the exact amount of the payment will be moved from the Student Activity Fund to the Student Senate Agency Account. The Student Senate is strictly forbidden from using money credited to its Agency Account for no other reason than the continuation and operation of the Readership Program. The Finance Committee will be responsible with ensuring that the guidelines specified in this Resolution are followed and that expenses for the Readership Program do not exceed $5,000.


Jovanny Nava Non-voting member
Bradley Franke APPROVE
Allie McNamara APPROVE
Paige Graham APPROVE
Renata Gray APPROVE
Brianna Klein APPROVE
Alli Perkins APPROVE
Wade Mathis APPROVE
Manny Tshimoa absent
Heath Bruce APPROVE
Valerie Escudero absent
Emily Harms APPROVE
Melissa Tallent APPROVE
Fischer Tharp APPROVE
Quinn Wadkins APPROVE
Christian Flores APPROVE
Lexie Foster APPROVE
Justin Ketcham APPROVE
Jerome Thomas APPROVE
Noah Yantis APPROVE

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