Senate Resolution 15-05: Confirmation of Student Faculty Advisor Emily Adams

September 10th, 2015
Vice President Brad Franke

WHEREAS: Student Senate Faculty Advisor Professor Andrew Nahlik has resigned from his duties as Student Senate Faculty Advisor, thus creating a need to fill the empty position.

WHEREAS: The Student Senate Leadership Council, including President Nava and Vice President Franke, have suggested offering the position to Dr. Emily Adams, as she had shown interest in the position of being the Student Senate Faculty Advisor. Dr. Adams has accepted the position.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Student Senate will vote to confirm Dr. Emily Adams as the new Student Senate Faculty Advisor.

RESOLVED: The resolution will begin immediately following its approval by the Student Senate.


Jovanny Nava Non-voting member
Bradley Franke APPROVE
Allie McNamara APPROVE
Paige Graham APPROVE
Renata Gray APPROVE
Brianna Klein APPROVE
Alli Perkins APPROVE
Wade Mathis APPROVE
Manny Tshimoa absent
Heath Bruce APPROVE
Valerie Escudero absent
Emily Harms APPROVE
Melissa Tallent APPROVE
Fischer Tharp APPROVE
Quinn Wadkins APPROVE
Christian Flores APPROVE
Lexie Foster APPROVE
Justin Ketcham APPROVE
Jerome Thomas APPROVE
Noah Yantis APPROVE


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