Senate Resolution 15-02: Funding for Campus Ice Machines

April 23rd, 2015
Vice President Brad Franke, Senator Allie McNamara, Senator Manny Tshimoa

WHEREAS: For several years, students have complained about the absence of ice machines around the Illinois College campus. According to complaints, students have found the issue to be an inconvenience and would prefer to have access to free ice at particular locations around campus.  

WHEREAS: On Thursday, April 22nd, President Jovanny Nava, Vice President Brad Franke, and Senator Manny Tshimoa met with Director of Residential Life, Dennis Schumacher, to discuss options and possibilities of the installation of ice machines on campus. It was agreed upon by all parties to move forward with the idea.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: The Student Senate plans to purchase three to four ice machines at $4,000-5,000 apiece. After further research, ice machines are to be located in areas highly accessible to the public such as Lincoln Hall, Kirby Hall, and Parker Science Building. It is necessary that the Student Senate allocate a sum of $20,000 from the Illinois College Student Activity Fund to cover all potential expenses.

RESOLVED:  The Student Senate Leadership Council shall continue to meet with Director of Residential Life, Dennis Schumacher, to discuss ice machine installation details. Ice machines shall be purchased and potentially installed over summer break. Installing ice machines will serve as convenient for students, faculty, and administration by producing free, accessible ice throughout the days, nights, and weekends. Having public ice machines will also benefit clubs and organizations on campus by providing them the opportunity to hold events without stressing over ice issues.



Jovanny Nava Non-voting member
Bradley Franke APPROVE
Allie McNamara APPROVE
Paige Graham APPROVE
Renata Gray absent
Brianna Klein absent
Wade Mathis APPROVE
Alli Perkins APPROVE
Manny Tshimoa APPROVE
Heath Bruce APPROVE
Valerie Escudero APPROVE
Emily Harms APPROVE
Sierra McDonald APPROVE
Melissa Tallent APPROVE
Quinn Wadkins APPROVE
Christian Flores APPROVE
Lexie Foster APPROVE
Justin Ketcham APPROVE
Jerome Thomas APPROVE
Noah Yantis APPROVE

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